Commmon Sense Preparedness - Over 30 posts to help you prepare for every day emergencies #preparedness

General Preparedness

Preparedness Basics – 5 Simple Steps to Get You Started Today

The Best Cheap Flashlight

Odds of Everyday Emergencies

Beginners Bug Out Bag

Preparedness – Summer Storms, Tornadoes and Hurricanes

Safe Rooms

Maps for Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness – Radiation Exposure

Planning and Prepping Around the World

Being Prepared Means Paying Attention

How We Learned to Prepare

Grandma and Grandpa Were Preppers

Being Prepared is Insurance

How to Build a Burn Barrel – Burn Trash Safely

Emergency Power Options for Your Home

Cold Weather Preparedness

Winter Vehicle Maintenance Checklist and Preparing a Winter Vehicle Emergency Kit

Winter Storm Survival – Keeping You and Your Home Warm When the Power Goes Out

How to Put Up a Snow Fence

Preparedness – Food and Water

Emergency Cooking – 10 Ways to Have a Hot Meal When the Power Goes Out

Top 10 Real Foods to Store Without Electricity

Root Cellars 101 – Root Cellar Design and Use – Optimal Storage Conditions for Over 30 Fruits and Vegetables That Store Without Processing

Above Ground Root Cellars – Options for Warm and Cold Climates to Enjoy Local Produce Year Round

Preparedness Storage – Finding Room and Keeping it Safe and Sound

Getting Started with Solar Cooking

Preparedness – Ordering Grain in Bulk

Manual Grain Mill Comparison

Eating Bugs – Free Food from Your Backyard

Emergency Water Storage – What You Need to Know

3 Emergency Water Filtration Options to Get the Funky Chunks Out

How to Build a Rain Barrel, Plus Care and Maintenance

Preparedness – Health, First Aid and Medicine

Living Ready Pocket Manual – First Aid Fundamentals for Survival by The Survival Doctor – Review

Preparedness – First Aid Kit and Medical Supplies

Survival Doctor Wounds and Burns E-books Review

Storage and Shelf Life of Over the Counter Medication

Preparedness – Homegrown Medicinals

Protect Yourself from Salmonella and E Coli Naturally

Emergency Underwear and Socks

Be sure to check out the “Getting Started Homesteading” for basics on self-reliance, gardening, food preserving, raising animals and more.

Emergency Essentials/BePrepared

Cold and Flu Remedies

Preparing for Cold and Flu Season:  Step 1 – Probiotics

Preparing for Cold and Flu Season with Essential Oils

The Best Vitamins and Minerals for Fighting Colds and Flus

The Best Herbs and Spices for Colds and Flus – Plus a “Secret Weapon”

Coping with Stomach Flu Symptoms (Why the BRAT diet may not be your best choice)

Elderberries:  How to Make Syrups and Jellies

Wildcrafting and Herb Use for Food and Medicine

Many common weeds have a long history of sue for food and medicine.  If you’d like to learn more, visit the Herbs and Wildcrafting page.

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  1. Kristi@LetThisMindBeInYou says

    Oh wow, Laurie, what a GREAT list of resources! I just posted yesterday about preparedness and so your pulling together of this information is so very timely! Awesome!

  2. Bobbi says

    You are awesome! What a GREAT list of preparedness ideas and must haves. I hope you like your Bekey. I hug mine every morning. Ok, I don’t but it is TE best investment I have ever made. My mom told me I wasted my $$ and she LOVES it. My sis in NC is even thinking of getting one. Enjoy.

    • says

      lol – I just pictured you hugging a big silver container. :-) We have an RO system installed, so the Big Berkley is mostly back up, but my son loves the Sport Berkley. I wanted to have a practical way to filter our rain water in case of emergency, since we still don’t have an emergency hand pump for our well (but we do have a generator which can power the regular pump).

      Thanks for the pep talk!

  3. NancyB says

    Kudos on your content. Lot of good information in there. I am a former legal secretary and crazy proofreader. I hope you don’t think I’m too critical, but in your page title “judgement” is really spelled “judgment.”

  4. says

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    Looking forward to talking. Please call or email me for samples. We are also looking for dealers to sell our products, we do not sell to the public.

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    Thank you!

    Ps ** will trade samples for a blog mention**

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  5. says

    Awesome list!

    I’m guessing you’re updating this as you’re writing them, right? I was thinking something about survival skills would fit in nicely.


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