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Alternatives for the aTactical A1S 1150 Lumen Flashlight

The aTactical A1s 1150 lumen flashlight came in Cool White (CW) and Neutral White (NW). This was our recommended 18650 flashlight. The flashlight used 18650 batteries and most A1S flashlights came with an interesting 18650 with a built in micro USB charger.

aTactical A1S 1150 lumen flashlight

The ATactical A1S Flashlight had 5 modes:

Strobe(1150 lumens /4 hrs)
Turbo(1150 lumens/3 hrs)
High(460 lumens /5 hrs)
Medium(140 lumens /18 hrs)
Low(24 lumens /6 days)

Is it available anywhere?

Sorry for the bad news. It is not readily available anywhere. The links on Amazon are “unavailable” and the links on eBay are for the WowTac A1 550 lumen NOT the A1s. It cost around $30.

**** The Wowtac A1S LED Cool White Flashlight or the Wowtac A1S Neutral White Flashlight appear to be the replacement for the aTactical A1S.  The price and features are the same. It is supposedly an 1150 lumen flashlight the same as the aTactical. If anyone has bought this please let us know its quality. We have no experience with this model.

The wowtac website does show the original aTactical but it lists at around forty dollars which is higher than the aTactical was (and is higher than the Amazon listing). Here is the link to the WoWTac website (there is no indication that it is discontinued here – but we haven't found it for sale anywhere). The few listings that say A1S (1150 lumen) are generally the A1 (550 lumen). This model is available Wowtac A1S BSS TAC V2 1150 Lumen – but it is not the same form factor, however, it does look to have the same electronics.

5 Alternatives to the aTactical A1S

  1. RECOMMENDED The Thrunite TN12 is an alternative it is also more expensive. We have bought this flashlight as an alternative to the aTactical A1S. The TN12 has Cool White and Neutral White alternatives. It also uses an 18650 battery.
  2. RECOMMENDED Fenix PD35 This is the gold standard but $30+ more than the aTactical was (more features and tough). Excellent Light that many police officers carry this flashlight.
  3. RECOMMENDED The Streamlight 88085 ProTac HL-X USB is a high end 1000 lumen flashlight. It is significantly more expensive than the aTactical was.
  4. The Thorfire Tactical VG10S is an alternative, but we have not tested it. It has good ratings on Amazon, and uses an 18650 battery (but does not include one). It should be less expensive than the aTactical was. Please leave a note below if you think have this flashlight and think its good. NO EXPERIENCE
  5. The Wowtac A1S BSS TAC V2 is available on Amazon, but it has an odd front. It is not the exact same form factor, however it does seem to have the same electronics (lumen and modes). It is slightly more expensive than the aTactical A1S was.

If you know of a readily available alternative to the aTactical A1s that is in the 1000 to 1100 (real) lumen range please leave notes in the comments below.

We wish you good hunting for your flashlight.

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  1. Pls let me know if there’s an update where I can purchase a tactical a1s!
    Badly needed for my work at cruise ship.

    1. We’ve been watching, but still haven’t spotted any available, which is a shame since it was a good flashlight.

      The alternatives listed in the post are as close as we could find.

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