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What Readers are Saying about Common Sense Home

We asked our readers, What would you say makes Common Sense Home unique/makes you want to stick around?” Here are some of the things they said.

“You make us readers feel like family, and you have solid advice because you and your family have paved the way for us to follow however it best fits our lives. I also love your recipes! ❤ Thank you for all you do.” – Krystal C.

“Your newsletters always feel like a note from a friend.” – Heather N.

“I like the sense of home and family and down to earth real living. You're like my country cousin who teaches me the good ways.” – Roxyann B.

“I love the free guides. They are such a big help for me. All of the ones I have down loaded I have saved in my I-books. My husband and I have been slowly working on homesteading for the past four years and are planning a big move during this year. All of the information you share is awesome and I love it!!” – Nikki D.

“We have subscribed, and we stayed subscribed, simply because we love you. We love what you write, and we love the pictures you share.

I guess most of your subscribers agree with me that you are now “Our Laurie”, and what you have created, is now “Our commonsense home”. I'm sure August would agree with me on this.” – Bahram

“I absolutely love everything”

“I know that you asked for specifics with this news letter. I’m sorry but I just can’t provide you with any. I just absolutely love everything about your news letter. It doesn’t matter what you write or provide. Just reading it brings back so many memories growing up.

My mother was born in the year 1900 and she went through allot during the years leading up to my birth (1950) and my younger sister (1953) (there was also 8 older siblings who were married and had children of their own by the time I came along.

When I was 20 months old, my father passed and at 25 months, my younger sister came on board. My mother lived her whole life on a farm and did everything from scratch until it was time for me to come along.

My fathers failing health made it impossible to continue working the farm so my parents rented out the land and moved to the city. That did not stop my mother to continue her farm ways. She passed on allot of her knowledge of how to make a dollar stretch and how to cook from scratch and so much more. Sadly, she passed at age 87 but not without passing on so much knowledge to me.

I just love your news letters and no matter how much you want to change or add to it, I will continue to view, read, etc. – especially the recipes and your stories of your family (love the duckies too).

Please keep up the fantastic work that you do; no matter what you do. Enjoy all of it and thank you so much for sharing.” – Gina P.

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Who Runs This Site?

This site is not run by a bunch of marketing people who are posting about self-reliance and preparedness because it's become trendy. This is the way my family and I live every day, messes and all.

I (Laurie Neverman, shown in the photo below) started writing back in 2008, and it grew into what you see today.

Along the way I roped in friends and family to help out, including my husband, August, my brother, Richard, and few other friends. My sons, August V and Duncan, grew up along with the site, and now they help work on it, too.

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Thanks so much for joining us,

Laurie (and family)

Laurie Neverman

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