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Homestead library - The best homesteading book reviews. Includes Homesteading, cooking, preserving, wildcrafting, herbalism, preparedness and more.

For those who love a good book as much as we do. This list of homesteading book reviews includes homesteading, cooking, preserving, wildcrafting, herbalism, preparedness and more. There are so many amazing books out there that you can add to your homestead library to help you on your journey. Some of our books are furnished for review by the publishers, some I’ve purchased.

Book Reviews Currently Available at Common Sense Home

General Homesteading

The Encyclopedia of Country Living – Endless Homestead Inspiration

The Independent Farmstead –  Farming with Minimal or No Outside Inputs

The New Livestock Farmer: The Business of Raising and Selling Ethical Meat

The Weekend Homesteader

Backyard Farming on an Acre (More or Less)

How to Make Money Homesteading

The Doable Off-Grid Homestead – Homesteading on the Cheap

The Lost Ways Book – Does it Live Up to the Hype?

Raising Pastured Rabbits – Book Review and Recommendations

The Small-Scale Poultry Flock – Quality Natural Poultry Care

50 Do-It-Yourself Projects for Keeping Chickens – Chicken Coops and More

My Favorite Backyard Chicken Books

Holistic Goat Care – The Owner’s Manual for Healthy Goats

Food and Food Preservation

Favorite Garden Cookbooks

The Natural Canning Resource Book

Baking with Coconut Flour

The Nourished Kitchen Cookbook

Brew Beer Like a Yeti – Techniques and Traditional Recipes


Recommended Wildcrafting Reference Books

Wild Yeast Brewing – Books About Wild Beer, Wine, Mead and More

The Pocket Guide to Wild Mushrooms

Pawpaw – In Search of America’s Forgotten Fruit


Fresh Food from Small Spaces – Grow Fresh Food in the City or Suburbs

Building Soils Naturally – Innovative Methods for Organic Gardeners

Working with Nature – Shifting Paradigms and The Essence of Organic Gardening

The Planet Whizbang Idea Book for Gardeners

The Lean Farm – Making More Income with Less Work

The Lean Farm Guide to Growing Vegetables – Efficient Organic Production

The New Organic Grower – Techniques for the Home and Market Gardener

The Market Gardener: A Successful Grower’s Handbook for Small-Scale Organic Farming

The Greenhouse and Hoophouse Grower’s Handbook – Change the Way You Grow

The Resilient Gardener – Grow Potatoes, Corn, Beans, Squash, and Eggs

The BackYard Orchardist – Learn to Grow Over 10 Different Fruits


The Minimalist Gardener – Gardening with Less Work and Fewer Inputs

4 reviews in one post – The Wild Wisdom of Weeds, Farming the Woods, Integrated Forest Gardening, Organic Mushroom Farming

Edible Landscaping with a Permaculture Twist

The Bio-Integrated Farm – Water Gardening Like You Never Imagined

The Forest Garden Greenhouse: Creating an Indoor Permaculture Oasis

Holzer Permaculture – A Lifetime of Food Growing Innovation

Restoration Agriculture:  Real World Permaculture for Farmers

Beyond the War on Invasive Species – A Permaculture Approach to Ecosystem Restoration

Mycorrhizal Planet – Nurturing Fungi to to Build Soil Fertility and Support Plant Health

Hybrid Hazelnuts – The Revolutionary Crop for Food, Fuel and Biomass

Silvopasture Guide Book – Combining Trees and Livestock

Permaculture Guide to Reed Beds for Home Wastewater Treatment


Living Ready Pocket Manual – First Aid Fundamentals for Survival

Honey, Mud, Maggots and Other Medical Marvels – The Science Behind Folk Remedies and Old Wives’ Tales

Going Off The Grid, The How-To Book Of Simple Living and Happiness

Health and Nutrition

The Alzheimer’s Antidote

“Back in Control – A Surgeon’s Roadmap Out of Chronic Pain”

Common Sense Health: Diet, Detox and Physical Activities

The Common Sense Home Remedies Series

Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Foods

Rebuild from Depression

The Autoimmune Epidemic

All Hands on Pet: Your How-to Guide on Home Physical Therapy Methods for Pets

Environmental Toxins

No More Dirty Looks

Slow Death By Rubber Duck

The photos at the top and bottom of this post are from my own personal bookshelves, so you can see I’ve got no shortage of reading material. 😉 If you see a book title in the top or bottom photos that you’d like to know more about, please ask, and I’ll do my best to get a review up sooner rather than later.

Homestead library - The best homesteading book reviews. Includes Homesteading, cooking, preserving, wildcrafting, herbalism, preparedness and more.

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  1. I am interested in the trilogy on alzheimers from Amazon but they won’t send it to Australia — Is there a way I can get it delivered or buy it electronically — ( download it on my computer)

  2. Just my luck, I find your site right in the middle of doing taxes…..GRRRR! Will save for a rainy day, no, bad choice of words because I live in Washington. I have bookmarked your booklist. Thank you for taking the time to share. Colette

  3. Very nicely written blog.It gives very vital information to the people who are unaware of this kind of topics.Keep posting like this.Thanks a lot!! It will really help me to explore my mind with these blogs. Thanks Again!! And Please Keep sharing!!!

  4. I’d recommed Stocking Up lll. I have the original book, Stocking Up ll and now the 3rd. Everything about food preservation from canning to pickling, freezing, drying, etc. It’s a good read.

  5. I’d love a list of the books too. Even a list with a comment or two on your opinion of them. !!!! 🙂 Pretty please!