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Herbs and Wildcrafting Featuring the Weekly Weeder Series

Wildcrafting – Using Your Weeds

Although not standard “garden” elements, my weeds are also harvested for culinary and medicinal use. I write a “Weekly Weeder” series during the growing season, along with other weed related posts.

Recommended Wildcrafting Reference Books – Weekly Weeder #1

Chickweed – Weekly Weeder #2

Thistle – Weekly Weeder #3

Clover – Weekly Weeder #4

Chicory – Weekly Weeder #5

Queen Anne’s Lace – Weekly Weeder #6

Ragweed – Weekly Weeder #7

Butter and Eggs – Weekly Weeder #8

Canada Goldenrod – Weekly Weeder #9

Common Milkweed – Weekly Weeder #10

Evening Primrose – Weekly Weeder #11

New England Aster – Weekly Weeder #12

Common Mullein- Weekly Weeder #13

Common Plantain – Weekly Weeder #14

Shepherd’s Purse – Weekly Weeder #15

Common Nettle – Weekly Weeder #16

Common Dandelion – Weekly Weeder #17

Ox-eye Daisy – Weekly Weeder #18

Catnip – Weekly Weeder #19

Bulk organic herbs, spices and essential oils.

Winter Cress – Weekly Weeder #20 – Barbarea vulgaris

Lamb’s Quarters – Weekly Weeder #21 – chenopodium album

Wild Geranium – Weekly Weeder #22 – Geranium maculatum

Common Blue Violet – Weekly Weeder #23 – Viola sororia sororia

Prickly Wild Lettuce – Weekly Weeder #24 – Lactuca serriola

Creeping Charlie – Weekly Weeder #25 – Glechoma hederacea

Sulphur Cinquefoil  – Weekly Weeder #26 – Potentilla recta

Birdsfoot trefoil – Weekly Weeder #27 – Lotus corniculatus

Purslane – Weekly Weeder #28 – Portulaca oleracea

Pineapple Weed – Weekly Weeder #29 – Matricaria discoidea

Common Burdock – Weekly Weeder #30 – Arctium minus

Common Mallow  – Weekly Weeder #31 – Malva neglecta

Curly Dock – Weekly Weeder #32 – Rumex crispus

Jewelweed – Weekly Weeder #33 – Impatiens capensis

Common Yarrow – Weekly Weeder #34 – Achillea millefolium

Joe Pye Weed  – Weekly Weeder #35 – Eupatorium maculatum

Heath Aster – Weekly Weeder #36 – Aster ericoides

Wild Cucumber – Weekly Weeder #37 – Echinocystis lobata

Velvetleaf  – Weekly Weeder #38 – Abutilon theophrasti

Bay Leaf – Weekly Weeder #39

Comfrey  – Weekly Weeder #40 – Symphytum officinale

Quackgrass  – Weekly Weeder #41 – Elymus repens

Dame’s Rocket – Weekly Weeder #42 – Hesperis matronalis

Tansy – Weekly Weeder #43 – Tanacetum vulgare

Wild Strawberry – Weekly Weeder #44 – Fragaria virginiana

Marsh Marigold – Weekly Weeder #45 – Caltha palustris

Canada Mayflower – Weekly Weeder #46 – Maianthemum canadense

Field Pennycress – Weekly Weeder #47 – Thlaspi arvense

Blue-eyed Grass – Weekly Weeder #48 – Sisyrinchium montanum

White Sweet Clover – Weekly Weeder #49 – Melilotus alba

Oxeye Daisy


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Not on my site, but a great read – “Weeds: Guardians of the Soil”

I just rediscovered the book “Weeds- Guardians of the Soil” thanks to Phil Nauta, The Smiling Gardener.  I had read a page of this book years ago, and wanted to read the rest of it ever since.  Thanks, Phil!

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Herbs and Wildcrafting Featuring the Weekly Weeder Series

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