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10 Easy Herbal Gifts to Enjoy Now, Plus One Gift That Lasts All Year Long

Those who know me are familiar with my habit of running just a bit late. (I blame it on the boys. Before I had kids I used to be on time or early – honest!)  As we hit the middle of December, I'm still working on presents for friends and neighbors. Homemade jams and jellies, hard lotion bars, homemade perfume, fresh baked bread and homemade fudge and truffles have all been well received.

10 Easy Herbal Gifts to Enjoy Now, Plus One Gift That Lasts All Year Long

This year I'm mixing things up a little with some herbal recipes from The Herbal Academy of New England (HANE), plus a few of my own. These easy herbal gifts are great for the holidays or any time of year, and quick enough that you may just want to make up extra to keep for yourself.

10 Easy Herbal Gifts

Herbal Gift #1 – Lavender Bath Salts

Relax away all your stress with these DIY Lavender Bath Salts.

Herbal Gift #2 – Homemade Body Butter

Fight winter dry skin with this rich and creamy Homemade Body Butter recipe.

Herbal Gift #3 – Heaven in a Bottle

Pamper yourself with Lavender Infused Oil AKA Heaven in a Bottle. It's great for bug bites, sunburn and skin rashes, but gentle enough to be used for every day moisturizing.

Herbal Gift #4 – Homemade Calendula Sugar Scrub

Sweet Almond oil and calendula combine in this invigorating homemade sugar scrub that exfoliates as it cleans.

Herbal Gift #5 – Berry Jam with an Herbal Kick

For gifting or a quick to fix berry filled treat, try these raw Berry Jam Recipes with an Herbal Kick.

Herbal Gift #6 – Infused Oils

The Herbal Academy of New England Also highlights four different methods to make infused oils, which are great on their own or as a base for healing salves.

10 Easy Herbal Gifts to Enjoy Now, Plus One Gift That Lasts All Year Long - How to Make Herb Infused Oils

Herbal Gift #7 – Elderberry Syrup

Make elderberry syrup to give those you care about a safe, natural option for coughs and sore throat care.

Herbal Gift #8 – Homemade Vanilla, Lemon and Almond Extracts

How to Make Homemade Vanilla, Lemon and Almond Extracts, with printable labels.

Herbal Gift #9 – Chocolate Mint Extract

Here's a great add in for hot chocolate – homemade chocolate mint extract.

Herbal Gift #10 – Sweet Orange and Rose Perfume

Finally, this lovely sweet orange and rose perfume combines two of my favorite scents into a bright and uplifting aromatherapy scent.

What is The Herbarium?

A number of you have expressed an interest in more herbal training, but couldn't afford the Introductory or Intermediate Courses, or weren't sure that you wanted to commit to a formal herbal course. Our friends at HANE listened, and put together a beautiful herbal resource called The Herbarium. The Herbarium includes herbal monographs, photographs, thoughtful articles, and educational podcasts, videos, tutorials, and teaching charts. As part of The Herbarium community, you will have all of these resources right at your fingertips, enriching your life-long journey through herbalism.

You research what you're most interested in, when you want to learn about it. The Herbarium is suitable for beginner to advanced students who are seeking quality herbal resources. One year membership to The Herbarium is only $45 – that's just $3.75/month. Members may enjoy up to $55 in discounts towards online courses,  plus HANE offer 10% off every local workshop. This makes a great gift for yourself or someone you care about. I am a HANE affiliate, so if you sign up through my website, I earn an affiliate payment at no extra cost to you. Thank you!

Learn more about The Herbarium or Sign Up Now

10 Easy Herbal Gifts to Enjoy Now, Plus One Gift That Lasts All Year Long

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  1. I would really like to learn more about what herbs work well together. I use a lot of simples, but I’d like to really learn what works well together for various things.

  2. Love these gifts ideas!! I’m going to whip up a few for those hard to shop for people…as well as one or two for me. 😉

  3. Thanks for sharing this information! I am slowly developing my herb and oil collection so I can minimize negative ingredients and maximize the natural ones. I am looking forward to learn more!

  4. I want to learn everything! All right, that will take awhile so let’s start with inflammatory properties of common herbs/weeds around my house.

  5. This is such a fabulous giveaway! I would love to broaden my general knowledge and then get down to the specifics of my geographical area

  6. I am very Thankful for this post. These Herbal things are really helpful for our body. Like Homemade Body Butter which is very useful for the skin. It provides moisture and smooths the skin. These herbal gifts have no side effects on body.

  7. I’d love to learn more about using herbs to make tinctures, salves and other things for best possible wellness.

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway, and Happy Holidays!

  8. I am at the very beginning of learning about herbs and their uses. So I need to learn the basics first. I am very interested in living a healthier lifestyle.

  9. I grow a lot of herbs, but I feel I don’t take full advantage of them other than to use them as companion plants for attracting pollinators and cooking & healing with the more common ones. I have several herb books and over the years, have been self-taught, but I think a course would be helpful in a more focused study. Thank you for offering this giveaway –

  10. I would like to learn correct dosage applications for herbs and also how to know what herb is appropriate for a given situation, why it is appropriate and why another herb is not. I would also like to learn how to correctly prepare products.

  11. I am working on getting more and more of the Young Living oils to help ourselves in a natural way. Thanks for the chance to learn more.

  12. I’m 63 now. worked as a nurse all my life. starting to need to take daily meds now and would love to have the knowledge of herbal remedies to improve my life, instead of a
    pharmacy dependence.

  13. Wonderful giveaway!
    Having many health issues, herbs and a more natural approach to calming symptoms are a necessity to my life. We are undergoing a property transformation that brings cultivated and “weeds” together. Knowing that what we have been taking for granted could actually help us “herbs-weeds”, is essential to our continued health. I LOVE to make and give homemade herbal “beauty products” to friends & family, also incorporating herbs into meals makes eating much more new and interesting. Thank you so much for this opportunity!-Sincerely Danielle

  14. This would be a great way for me to start learning about herbs as we are getting ready to establish our homestead next year. So excited!

  15. I use some herbs in my everyday life, but am very interested in learning more. What I do know, I have just learn by browsing. Not by taking any training.

  16. Hi,
    Merry Christmas to everybody at this time of the year.
    I love all kind of herbs and would like to learn more from your webside.
    Hope you will teach us how to do things like you have done. After all we visit your website so often.

  17. I’ve studied and attended many lectures on Herbs with my mother. One great herbalist was Dr. Christopher and his son. My mother and I used many herbal remedies over the years instead of drugs. I was so lucky to follow along with her. She enjoyed 97 years of good health, thanks to her knowledge of herbs. I would love to win a Scholarship for Hain Introductory course!!! Thank you so much for offering this wonderful and exciting class to better health.

  18. This is an amazing gift, thank you very much. The gift recipes and ideas look very good will definitely try some. But it is the course that I am very interested in. I have been trying to find an affordable course for years but everyone I saw was worth way more than my budget would allow. Again, thank you for a chance to win a scholarship to this one. Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it and Happy holidays to all others that celebrate a special holiday at this time of year.

    Do what you will but harm none.

  19. I started an herbal garden a few years ago and would love to learn more about how to use and grow herbs. Also, my son who is now 10 years old sustained a massive brain injury at 5 weeks of age and I am on a mission to use natural products to help on his healing journey. I use various herbs and essential oils with him and want to learn more ways that I might help his brain injury. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  20. I would love to begin to develop a more cohesive mindview towards working with herbs…right now I feel like everything is pretty piecemeal for me due to scattered research. I think that working through a self-study would begin to build a firmer foundation!

  21. I already LOVE growing different kinds of herbs but I want to learn how to use them to help heal different aliments. What a great giveaway. Thank you.

  22. Wonderful gifts! Would love to learn more about making herbal stuff for my family’s well-being – we don’t have that many options in my country, except for rather expensive courses, which is not an option for me these years….

  23. My great-grandmother never took prescription medication, until her stroke in 1981, and she couldn’t verbally refuse it. Her daughter, my grandmother, was a nurse who always touted home remedies, before prescriptions. Had I been smart, I would have learned more from them, before they passed, within 3&1/2 months of each other. I did learn a few things that kept my babies out of the doctors office, and made being a mother so much easier. I would learn through you course, so that I can pass this knowledge on to my family,(I am now a great-grandmother). I want them to know that the best way, is the natural way.

  24. I would love to further my knowledge of using herbs for health and wellness, would love to start growing them and incorporating them into everyday life. I know some basics but have a desire to learn much more. Thank you for the opportunity!

  25. Thank you for this opportunity. The gift ideas alone were out of this world (and thanks for providing the nice labels).

  26. Would love to win this! I just started experimenting with making homemade stuff but would love to take a course and learn more!

  27. I would love to learn the best herbal remedies and what to put together to help with different issues for family and friends. Great learning opportunity here.

  28. I have had a life-long fascination with herbs. My father was a naturalist and took my sister and I on all manner of interesting natural explorations. I want add to this basis and pass down herbal wisdom to my children as well. I have recieved Herbal Academy of New England’s newsletter for a while now and they are legit. I was much enjoy taking this course. Thanks for the opportunity and the posts!


    (I have already authorized the app by signing in but i did not use facebook)

  29. Trying to learn as much as I can, apply what I learn and become more Herb wise … be of best service to myself and those closest to me … in my family and community! Thank you for the opportunity and the resources! Many Blessings!

  30. I am trying hard to learn all I can about using herbs just by my own research. This course would be a giant step forward for me.

  31. I newbie in the homesteading world. I have grown up a city girl but have always found the country life fascinating. Your blog has introduced things in my life that I wouldn’t have thought possible here in the city! I even have tried my skills in soap making! Thank you so much for your excellent informative posts 🙂 keep it up!

  32. I think maybe I’m hoping to be able to identify herbs better: I flunked a summer course in identifying trees, hopefully, I would do better over 50 years later!
    (why I don’t pick mushrooms!!!!)

  33. have been studying natural health care for a while~would like to win the course for a more organized and thorough approach 🙂

  34. I am always looking for more information on herbs & their use, in all aspects of life. I’ve been working on enhancing our quality of life through nature. Thank you for making this available to us.

  35. I want to know as much as I can on how to use herbs medicinally and in culinary uses. I also want to know exactly what the herbs look like (I have found some in my new yard that I didn’t know before) and where to get/grow some of them, best varieties, etc.

  36. This would be a phenomenal thing for me. In the past year, I have really become focused on nutrition, natural cures and health. Fingers crossed!

  37. I would like to learn about the different herbs/combinations that help with different ailments. I would also like to learn how to cook with them to help prevent health ailments. I really do love your blog! You seem so organized and I am trying to learn to be that way. Have a great holiday season!

  38. I know very little about herbs so I need to start at the very beginning. I would love to know the benefits each provides.

  39. I’d like to learn how best to use herbs for medicinal & health purposes, especially for babies & children and during pregnancy.

  40. I love herbs and I am always learning something new about them.
    Would love to learn about them in a teacher/student environment

  41. I would love to win! I would love to learn. I’ve been trying to make my own beauty products and this course would definitely help! Happy Holidays to ALL!

  42. I don’t really know much about herbs and what they can be used for. I’d really like to learn what herbs can be used for medicinal purposes and for a more wholistic way of life.

  43. I want this class so bad. It is right up my alley, coz I’m a nurse abd could use the information during my thepary.

  44. After an accident & years of medication … We turned to researching natural herbal treatments & food to try to restore some bit of health that the chemicals have stolen. It made us frighteningly aware of how m/m chemicals are effecting everyone from the youngest to the oldest. With experienced teaching to identify and understand the proper use of holistic/herbal treatments to heal our bodies I feel I could make a very positive impact of our family & friends.

  45. The more I learn about herbal medicine, the more I see that everything I ingest should be treated like a medicine, with an eye to how it will effect me and my family.

  46. I am looking to expand my education to include herbs for healing and health. I am currently a registered nurse but I am not satisfied with conventional medicine practices and I am searching for more. Your course sounds like a place to begin.

  47. What an amazing opportunity! I would love to learn herbal basics so that I can help my family and friends to stay happy and healthy the natural way! I’ve started with a little research on my own, a couple of books and a new herb garden in the past year. But to have the chance to learn from experienced “herbies” would be wonderful!

  48. Moving toward a master’s in nurse practitioner program, I am so interested in learning all I can about medicinal botany. What a great resource.

  49. I’d like to learn everything. I’ve been on this road for a little while but I want to know more. I am tired of our family being sick every few weeks! I use natural remedies but would like to learn more. I have already learned new things from this site.

  50. I use herbs and spices for medicinal purposes a lot and have always wanted to take classes to learn more than I already know. I have an excellent source of great herbs and spices and I know more than most but not nearly as much as I want and need to. I believe that herbal medicine is the best way to go and try my best to always go that route. I would be so pleased to be able to take this course. Thank you offering this choice to some lucky person!

  51. I’m new to learning the ropes of herbal healing & remedies. For my family & animals, herbs are a big part of our lives. I’d love to learn more. What an awesome giveaway! A gift for sure!

  52. I love learning about Herbals. The more one learns the better life is. Herbal Medicine has become a mainstay in my household, and I truly want to learn all that I can about it.

  53. I really like this giveaway!
    Its nice to keep learning new and beneficial life skills. Times are getting harder.

  54. My family does not tolerate medication well and we began seeing naturopaths in Black Hawk, SD about 2 years ago. Since then, I am continually impressed by the art of natural healing. What a gift this giveaway will be for someone!

  55. I would love to learn more about natural remedies to help with my thyroid and to improve my dill skin on my face. Also if there is a natural way to remove cholesterol pocket I have developed on my eyelids. This is a great site and what a wonderful give away thank you.

  56. Great recipes to try in this post! Thanks! And thanks HANE for the opportunity to win a scholarship, I’ve been wanting to learn more about herbalism for ages now!

  57. Although I currently create jewelry, I have a BS in Natural Health with a specialization in Herbal Studies and it’s my passion. I never stop learning. This year I want to plant a herbal garden in my new home in the country.

  58. I’d love to just start for 2015!!! I read and hear about all the health benefits and want that for me and my family. What a great beginning with this =)

  59. I got your email saying I won.I’m all signed up and can’t wait to get started.
    Thanks hosting this contest and for getting my new year off to a great start.

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