Getting Started Homesteading

Getting Started Homesteading - Articles for Beginners Featuring Homesteading Basics

What is Homesteading?

I define homesteading as “working to be more self-reliant, wherever you are”.  “Common Sense Homesteading” is all about “using sound judgment to be more self-reliant”.

We’ve built a library of “Getting Started Homesteading” posts to help you on your journey.  We’ll talk about food production and storage, natural health, recipes, preparedness and other skills that may be handy.

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General Homesteading

Become More Self-Reliant – Start Here

If You Only Get One Homesteading Book, This Should Be It

Gardening Articles

View our full list of over 40 gardening posts


New to Gardening – Start Here – Tips for Beginners

Getting Started with Herb Gardening

Getting Started Vermicomposting – Raising Worms

Full List of Over 40 Gardening Posts

Food Storage Recipes

View all food preservation recipes.

Food Preservation/Preparation

New to Food Preserving – Start Here

Getting Started With Home Canning

Getting Started with Home Food Drying

Getting Started with Solar Cooking

Root Cellars 101

Getting Started with a Home Grain Mill

View Full List of over 30 Food Storage Recipes

Homestead Animals

Animal Husbandry

Introduction to Aquaponics: Growing Fish and Vegetables Together

Top 7 Tips for First time Chicken Owners

How to Raise Chickens Cheaply – Tips for Raising Chickens on a Budget

Homestead Geese – Easy to Care for Barnyard Protectors and Weed Eaters

Getting Started with Homestead Goats – choosing the right breed, basic goat care (food, water, shelter and fencing), additional goat resources

Keeping Homestead Dairy Goats – What age dairy goat should you get? Breeding your dairy goat, Basic pregnancy Care, Kids and Weaning, Basic milking procedures and milk handling.

Homestead Rabbits – Getting Started and Finding the Right Breed

Getting Started Beekeeping

Homesteading Information


Cooking With Cast Iron—How And Why To Get Started

How to Make Maple Syrup

Getting Started with Wood Heat – 5 Things You Should Know

How to Build a Burn Barrel – Burn Trash Safely

Getting Started with Essential Oils – Address Commons Ailments with Natural Solutions

Getting Started with Firearms – Part One

Getting Started with Firearms – Part Two

Involving Young Children in Homesteading

Still not sure how to get started homesteading?

Buy Your Custom Homestead

Jill from The Prairie Homestead has a new e-book, Your Custom Homestead, designed to walk you through basic homestead planning step by step.

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