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Natural Breast Health – Self Care Tips for Healthier Breasts

I've never paid much attention to natural breast health, until recently. When I was a teenager, my grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer and given a total (simple) mastectomy. After the mastectomy, grandma’s health and mental well-being took a dramatic turn for the worse. It shook her up terribly, and I remember her crying and saying how she could still feel the breast and how much it hurt.

Natural Breast Health @ Common Sense Home
Grandma Catherine, Breast Cancer Survivor

At the time, I thought the operation was necessary. Recently, talking to my sister, I found out that the lump had actually been benign, and at most a lumpectomy should have been done, or perhaps it should have simply been left alone due to her advanced age.

My mother never dealt with cancer, but she did have surgery to remove lymph nodes near her breast that were identified as inflamed and potentially pre-cancerous.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and these two women who meant so much to me have been very much on my mind. I wonder, “How can I help myself and my loved ones avoid breast cancer?”  As I have been researching natural health alternatives, I’ve found a few things that might surprise you. Here are some tips for natural breast health.

Good circulation = equals healthier breasts

The tissue in and around your breasts is loaded with lymph and lymph nodes, part of your body’s immune system. These lymph nodes act as filters and trap foreign materials, which are then destroyed by white blood cells within the node. To help your lymphatic system function more effectively (and keep toxins from building up), it a good idea to practice daily lymphatic breast massage and/or dry brushing. Detox deodorant may another option. Read this post to find out about how detox deodorant helped heal breast cysts.

Choose the Right Foods for Healthy Breasts

Good nutrition helps keep your breasts healthy. In spite of the current demonization of fat, real breasts are composed of real fat, and you should include an ample amount of high quality fat in your diet. Virgin coconut oil, organic butter and grass-fed beef tallow are some of my favorites. I also take a high quality fish oil supplement.

Iodine is also needed for breast health. Iodine supplementation has been used to eliminate breast cysts. Consider adding some seaweed to your meals for a wonderful blast of nutrition. It has a rather salty taste, and can easily be mixed in to soups and stews. I buy nori sheets and use them to make wraps or sushi.

Nourish Your Breasts from the Outside In

It you feel your breasts need a little extra TLC, or you have hard or lumpy breasts, there are a wide variety of breast health massage oils available on the market that can be applied topically to improve breast health.

Regular Exams – At Home and with your Health Care Provider

You are your own best ally in the fight against cancer. If you know your body, you can tell when something is not right. Regular self exams can help you do this. When it comes to exams in the doctor’s office, consider thermography (thermal imaging) instead of a mammogram. With thermography, there is no exposure to radiation and this test is more effective at identifying certain types of cancer. Ask your health care provider if it’s right for you.

If you are concerned about breast cancer, I encourage you to do your own research and learn more about how to improve your health naturally.

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