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Lumpy Breasts? Cure Breast Cysts

Cancer rates are rising around the world, with the worldwide incidence of cancer expected to increase 75 percent by 2030. Around 2 million women are developing breast or cervical cancer every year. No one seems to have a clear answer for why this is happening – I suspect a variety of influences, primarily revolving around the toxins in our environment. I think we've got a lot of garbage building up in our systems, and not too many easy ways of getting it out.

Lumpy Breasts? - Cure Breast Cysts - Common Sense Home

Can Using Deodorant and Shaving Your Armpits Contribute to Breast Cancer?

Maybe.  Some studies have been done that have shown that women who more vigorously groomed their armpits (shaved more frequently and used more armpit products) had earlier onset of breast cancers, but these studies have been limited in scope. Other studies have shown higher levels of aluminum (commonly used in deodorants) in cancerous versus non-cancerous breast tissue. Parabens (found in deodorants and other personal care products) were found in 99% of tissues collected from mastectomies. Whatever you put on your skin will be absorbed by the skin – that's how transdermal medicine patches work.

Sweating is one of the ways our bodies clear out toxins. If we don't allow our bodies to sweat (for example, by the constant use of antiperspirant), wouldn't it make sense that toxins could build up more easily? I've been using Herbalix Detox deodorant regularly for about a year now, and while I haven't noticed huge visible changes (other than my rash disappearing and loosing some weight), when I had thyroid blood work done recently, my antibody count was way down. My throat feels less swollen, too. (I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, which is an autoimmune inflammation of the thyroid gland.)  Other folks have seen more obvious changes.

A Deodorant That Helps Heals Breast Cysts

Thermographic imaging has recently gained popularity as a diagnostic tool for breast exams that can be used without exposing the patient to dangerous radiation. A “normal” image is typically mostly symmetrical, although there may be some variation. Extreme hot or cold spots or changes over time are indicators that additional testing may be needed. (For a discussion of the procedure and examples of normal and abnormal breasts, visit

While only a small percentage of cysts lead to breast cancer (about 1 in 1000), they can be extremely uncomfortable. Various suggestions have been made as to the cause of these cysts, including hormone fluctuations, congested lymph nodes, and breast infection or injury. Treatment options range from doing nothing and letting the cysts drain on their own to using a needle to drain (and potentially biopsy) the fluid in the cyst.

Suggested home remedies for cysts include:

  • Coenzyme Q10
  • Evening primrose oil
  • Vitamin E
  • Limiting caffeine and salt
  • Massage and other topical applications

You can read more on home remedies for cysts at

Herbalix detox deodorant has been shown to help the breast clear and heal breast cysts, which can clearly be seen in these thermographic images. (The detox deodorant may also contribute to a reduction in breast cancer rates, but this has not yet been clinically proven.)  Remember – no doctor, pill or cream can “cure” you, they can only help (or prevent) your body from healing itself.

At the top of the post is the initial image. Note that blockage in the axilla (armpit area) and also the deep reds and blues.

As the treatment progresses, we can see the flow of fluids from under the breast (like a j valve)  up and around to the axilla   The heat patterns changes over time with the axilla getting hotter as it collects the fluids and ultimately discharges them.

breast detox image

For a brief period of time, which you can see in the third image of left right breast, it shows a hotter pattern (white) in the axilla. This is because of the heavy draining that was occurring.

breast detox image
completed breast detox

The last image shows both breast much cooler and the underarms are open and flowing. We can see that the final image is much more uniform (and undoubtedly more comfortable) for the patient. Whatever was preventing her body from healing has been cleared out.

Since it's estimated that at least 70% of women will develop breast cysts at some point in our lives, I think it's great that there's a simple treatment that has proven results. I hope that those of you who have suffered with breast cysts find this post useful (thankfully, I haven't had to deal with them just yet).

Although I am an Herbalix affiliate, which means I receive a small payment if you make a purchase through my link, I haven't been compensated in any way for writing this post. I simply asked Liz and Mike to keep me up to date with the results of their current testing. I use their products daily, and believe they are safe and effective.

If you have other natural remedies for breast cysts, I'd appreciate it if you'd share your experience in the comment section. If you have an skin or detox related questions, you can share those, too, and I'll do my best to dig up some answers, or ask the Herbalix folks for their input.

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*A note on the organic preservative used in Herbalix products:

“Our proprietary Herbalix™ blend is a complex and potent herbal/botanical tincture that has its origins in Chinese, East Indian and Native American traditions. It is safe, totally chemical free and carries with it nature’s innate molecular message of healthful balance and harmony.

Herbalix is created by systematically blending and distilling (maceration) sixty very select botanicals, each one harvested and infused at the peak of its vitality. It takes about eight weeks to complete this process. The combination of land and sea herbs blend together as the tides, where fresh and salt water mix and create life. These powerful botanicals come from three continents and also the world’s oceans.

Herbalix is formulated to enhance natural skin health and vitality. It also serves as our exclusive preservative system throughout the entire Herbalix Restoratives product line. It has proven to be extremely effective in its preservative capabilities, throughout varied and stringent lab studies that have been conducted in the United States. Because Herbalix is such an effective natural preservative, there is no need for us to use any synthetic preservative systems, i.e.: parabens, urea, etc.

We feel very good about this, as it allows us to present to you not only products that are exceedingly clean in formulation, but that deliver powerful and effective results.

The Herbalix preservative does not harm good bacteria, only the bad. The list of ingredients is rather long and only serves to show what we start out with. In the end, we have a creation made from the ingredients, a chemical change that makes something new and separate from its components. 

Whenever anyone has a concern about specific ingredients, we are happy to acknowledge if it is a part of the formula. We know that any herb in the compound would not be representative of allergies, due to the process they undergo. However we honor any concerns and can confirm the presence or absence for any one. In this way we can keep our list proprietary.

Our products are ideal for the chemically sensitive, and part of this is because of the purity of our natural preservative, the Herbalix. “

It makes a HUGE difference when you share our articles. Thank you so much!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I’ve had/have breast cysts and coincidentally I also have Hashimotos. I’m really interested in this article and the Herbalix detox deodorant!

  2. I have tried Herbalix detox and daytime deodorants (based on your previous post) and found them good. Unfortunately, because I live in Australia, it’s quite expensive once shipping costs are added on.

    Do you have a timeframe on how long the test subject was using the detox? When I used it (not that I had any known problems), I found I was smellier at first but it settled down quite quickly. I sometimes get sore and swollen lymph nodes in the armpits when I suffer from colds etc. When this happens I use the detox deodorant and find they settle down much quicker.

    I continue to use a natural deodorant from our local health food store for daytime use. It works quite well and lasts twice as long as the commercial, aluminium-filled deodorants.

      1. I have breast c. and lymph nodes and I need some help,please! I did some chemo and I decided to stop it because I was feeling no good.Is any help there for me,Please!

        Thank you!

          1. I would think that chemo would be the last thing you would want to do but I understand how painful CBD can be and how desperate one can get for relief. You may want to try Serrapeptase….I use the brand Doctors Best brand so cannot speak to any other brand. There is a rich amount of research on Serrapeptase on the internet and suggest always to do research before taking any supplement just to give yourself wisdom in what to expect and so you won’t be wasting money on a product that doesn’t address your issue. Realize that some websites are promoted by the pharmecudical companies and will try to lead you away from natural remedies so know who is at the foundation of the website you are dealing with. A few good sites are Dr. Group, Mike Adam’s known as the Health Ranger, and . Serrapeptase is an enzyme and is used for many situations including Cystic Breasts, Inflammation, Pain, edema, swelling but these are only the tip of the iceberg of the many things Serrapeptase is beneficial for. I personally take Doctor:s brand at 120,000 units but you can also get it in less potent amount. I have no connection to this brand except to say that it works on many levels. Also, I do not receive any monetary benefit from recommending it. I also attest that I also had to eliminate caffeine from my diet..

          2. I also like the idea of Herbalix and have been looking for such a product, thanks for the recommendation. Hope to try it soon.

        1. No problem. As for how frequently the detox deodorant was used, here’s that response:

          “She was instructed to use it every night because of her condition. Typically we say start with 30 nights for a basic cleaning, followed by 2 -4 nights thereafter. When doctors look at particular congestions they often change the protocol so that there is more direct influence. Basically they want to keep the lymphs flowing nonstop so that the calcification can break up faster.”

          1. I’ll probably be getting one soon, too, although I’ve been putting it off since I have no major risk factors (other than being a female over 40) and my breast tissue has always been very smooth and uniform. I’m glad they finally offer the option locally.

  3. Laurie, thanks so much for this article. I’m really interested in learning more about the detox deodorant. I went through heavy metal chelation in 2008-9 and I’m at a high risk of breast cancer, so I’m going to try it out. It makes sense to me that detoxing , especially in the lymph nodes of the chest wall, could help prevent cancer.

  4. I don’t use deodorant and never have…but I do have a somewhat painful breast cyst. Maybe just use the detox cream?

    1. Sue – the detox “deodorant” doesn’t really act like a standard deodorant, it’s just applied like one. It certainly wouldn’t hurt to give it a try, especially if this is a recurring problem. My mom had a badly inflamed lymph node removed from under her arm when she was around my age and also battled edema, especially as she aged, so I know there’s a family history of blockages and trouble with the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is one of those things we tend to ignore until something goes wrong, and given that it’s responsible for clearing out toxins, I think it merits more attention.

  5. Hi,
    A couple years ago I got a large lump in my left breast. My husband’s father had just died and his Mom had a heart attack at the funeral, so I felt he had enough on his plate and didn’t tell him about it. I went to see a holistic doctor hoping to have a thermogram done and their machine was broke so I had a mammogram done. The doctor’s office called and were all freaked out saying it is large, it is irregular shaped, and you need a biopsy. I said NO, you aren’t doing a biopsy on me. And I started taking Magnesium.
    In 2 weeks the lump was gone. I guess we will never know if it was breast cancer or a cyst. I know I still take maganesium. I don’t take calcium because I have my own dairy goats and drink their wonderful raw milk everyday.

    1. will magnesium work on a benign breast cyst. How much should be taken. How often to you take magnesium.

      1. Oral magnesium may help some individuals. I can’t, by law, provide treatment options for specific health conditions, nor would it be safe for me to do so, but I encourage you to discuss it with your healthcare provider.

  6. I use natural deodorant but during sports or higher stress times I use reg. deodorant. Wondering if this is creating a cycle that i will never get used to the natural.

    1. Nicole – Have used tried adding magnesium? Magnesium can really help with body odor, and is essential for many functions in the body. I used to do what you’re doing when I was switching over. Eventually I just stopped using the other stuff because I didn’t need it.

    2. I was doing the same Nicole, when I was working in a very hot place I noticed my homemade natural deoderant was not holding up but then heard about people using magnesium. I made magnesium oil and it pretty much holds up all day, if I need more I simply spray more but I definitely smell in the morning. It does sting a bit when I spray it on but I think that is because I shave my armpits.

      This article was very helpful. It answered why I have had excessive night sweats since my early thirties and lately have really noticed intense heat coming from my armpits. Since my 30s I have also had breasts cyststs. I can’t believe it has taken me so long to listen to my body and quit the commercial deodorants. I think its because I only one time, tried a natural deodorant from my health food store and it was useless so I thought I had no choice but to use the aluminum ones. A few months ago the heat and sweating were so strong I developed fungus under the arms and other places where the lymph nodes are and cysts in my breasts rapidly grew to the size of a medium lemon. It is now shrinking to a third of its size since detoxing my underarms, using magnesium spray as my deodorant and intermittent fasting (not sure the effect of this but just what I have been doing). Also emotionally, I have let go of a friend who I was dedicated to helping who was an addict. Symbolicallly, for women I think breast cancer and blockages have to do with problems with giving and receiving. I have always given way to much of myself as a way of avoiding living my highest purpose and highest level of self love.

  7. Thanks for sharing this information as well as the thermograms. That was really interesting. I have had only one thermogram which was years ago but the doctor who took it only did it as a diagnostic tool, not to help with health treatment moving forward. And all the other doctors, such as my Gyn, said, “very nice but I don’t know what to do with this information.”

    Maybe the time has come to look around again.

    In the meantime, given that your topic is breast health, you may want to read a new book out called The Whole Food Guide For Breast Cancer Survivors, written by Dr. Helayne Waldman and Dr. Ed Bauman.

    1. Mira – I know it was pretty hard to even find anyone who would use thermography until recently, but it’s becoming more popular as the risks of mammography become better known. My doctor was pushing for a mammogram, but is open to thermography.

      Thanks for the book suggestion.

  8. In our book THE WHOLE FOOD GUIDE FOR BREAST CANCER, we discuss the value of iodine in clearing up fibrocystic breasts. It has certainly worked well for me and my clients, tho’ it’s something that needs to be done under the supervision of a skilled holistic nutritionist, naturopath or M.D.

    1. Helayne – thanks for adding your voice to the conversation. I know iodine is essential for both breast and thyroid health, but it is possible to overdose, so it should be used thoughtfully.

  9. Laurie, You have really got my attention now, girlfriend. Woke up with several raised, reddened, slightly tender pencil eraser sized knots under left axilla. I have been using the Herbalix detox deoderant for about a week now, after seeing it on your June e-mail newsletter. I thought I had felt something deep, deep from time to time, but was too deep to feel what it was. Now it is coming to the surface. I just recently also went from 7 grains to 15 on my Naturethyroid. Still awaiting follow-up with NP to get test results to see if Hashimotos, but hypo for sure. Whenever I get bumps or rashes, I also check to see if anything trapped in these spots as well using The Emotion Code. I found Heartwall Guilt and Depression from between age 1-2…ouch. (I did not have a loving relationship with my mother). Will keep you posted on further developments regarding the use of the Herbalix. Thank you, thank you.

    1. Beverly – that’s great! They will likely take a while to clear as whatever it is gets drawn out – be patient. Make sure to clean the area in the morning. If I remember correctly, the coriander binds to whatever is drawn out, so you need to then wash it away.

      I still occasionally have things drawn out after using the detox for almost a year. Last month I had a single lump show up on my right side that took a couple of weeks to clear. It’s good that you’re addressing underlying emotional issues, too. I think many of us are guilty of burying our pain (myself included), and our bodies pay the price.

  10. Thanks for the article! I’ve had fibrocystic breast condition for 22 years now and it’s an ordeal. I’ve benefit from a healthy diet, no antiperspirants, never apply deodorant at nights or on the weekends (my way to detox), now I’m taking primrose oil, I had in the past and it does improve the breast tissue texture and shrinks the cysts.

    too bad I didn’t find this article sooner on the year, I’d love to use the product but we have foreign currency control and I already spent my allowed amount this year. This will be my first e-shopping next year.

    I was wondering if you can recommend a homemade detoxing natural mix to use on the meantime, I’m having a huge cyst I want to help reduce the size of (which my doctor will be checking on the 23rd this month).


  11. thanks so much laurie. i appreciate it if you will include the cost and the shipping. i’m living in brisbane, australia. thanks

    1. Jayne, please visit Herbalix directly and they can help you with your questions. I don’t sell the products, I have just tried them and found them to be useful, and get a small affiliate payment from purchases made through my site. Herbalix regularly works with doctors and naturopaths to help people heal.

  12. Hi,
    I’ve been plagued with food ‘allergies’ for a long time, and I get breakouts from certain body products (anything over the counter, these days, from shampoo to soap, and deoderant…) I have welts under my jaw, my temples, on the bottom of my right breast, also halfway down my left arm, I suddenly had a very raised, pussy, unexplained sore.
    My breasts are very, very lumpy, I get boils when I eat dairy, and my face breaks out when I have yogurt or sour cream.
    Is there an herb in a tea form I can take?
    Now that I’ve read up on the detox and have the knowledge to make my own deoderant, I feel free…I just want to detox thoroughly, from the inside out. I’ve known my lymph nodes were miserable and inflammed for a while (rib cage and neck and breast unbelievalbe tenderness), so, I’m ready. What can you share?m

    1. There is no “magic bullet”, one size fits all approach to detox. I’d recommend working with a qualified natural health practitioner, as it sounds like you have some serious conditions that need to be addressed. Any internal use of herbs or supplements would be determined by figuring out exactly what the root of your problem is. These external detox treatments should be safe to use with any condition, as they only pull toxins out topically. Internally, you’ve got to be more careful so that you don’t pull toxins out of one spot only to redeposit them somewhere else.

      You may also want to read this post about autoimmune conditions and detox:

      I’ll be posting more detox info over time, but I encourage you to do more research and see if you can find direct help.

  13. For anyone who has persistent fibro cystic breasts, try a natural, bioidentical progesterone cream. It cleared a huge breast lump for me in 3 months and I also had significant sleep improvement and less adema.

    1. Hi. Would it be possible to know what brand of cream did you use and where did you buy it? Also, your breast lump, is it the type that comes and goes or is it a a breast cyst that stays and grows? I have one and its huge. I already did a thermography but the doctor did not explain the result well and wanted me to undergo some expensive protocol. I dont want to do a mammogram and biopsy because of its risks so im trying to find some alternative ways to cure it. Your answer would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

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