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5 Ways a Roo Gardening Apron Makes Gardening Easier

I'm sure most of us who garden have wished for an extra set of hands at one time or another, or ended up carrying a load of produce in your shirt or misplacing a hand tool. The Roo Gardening apron is a sturdy, hands free, go anywhere garden accessory to make your gardening life a little easier. From planting to weeding to harvest, this apron may become your new best friend in the garden. Let's take a look!

Roo gardening apron

1. The Roo Garden Apron Two in One Design Holds Tools and Harvest in One Place

The Roo has built in pockets up top for carrying hand tools, seed packets, onion sets or other small items. These pockets are made with moisture resistant material that easily slicks off dirt and grime. (It's machine washable, too.)

The “skirt” of the apron contains a fold over chute for gathering produce, weeds – even laundry, if you wanted to (but make sure it's clean first πŸ˜‰  ). Just fill the apron from the top, then when you're ready to unload, unhook the straps and slide the contents out the bottom of the chute.

2. Spacious Roo Apron Pouch Leaves Both Hands Free for Picking

No more juggling buckets or bins on top of a ladder when you're out picking apples. Just strap on your Roo apron and you'll have both hands free for picking. The Roo would also work well for firm fruits and veggies such as peas,beans, pears, citrus, potatoes and other root veggies. Note that you will need to crouch instead of bending over to pick up items from ground level without spilling the apron contents once the apron gets a little fuller.

3. The Roo Apron Saves Time by Keeping Your Tools and Harvest Bin Right Where You Can Find Them

If your house is anything like ours, a lot of time is spent looking for hand tools that “someone” put “somewhere” instead of back in the tool bin. (I blame the teenage boys and husband. Heaven knows I would never do such a thing.)  Keep your most used hand tools stashed right in the Roo apron and you can skip the game of garden hide and seek.

Instead of taking time to shuffle a harvest bin from one spot to the next, just fill up your Roo and keep picking. When you're done or need to empty for the next load, the chute empties in a flash.

Roo gardening apron pockets

4. The Roo Gardening Apron Waterproof Liner Keeps Your Clothes Stain Free

I think most of us who've been gardening for any amount of time have used our clothing as a bin. It happens. Whether it's weeds or tomatoes or potatoes, all it takes is one overripe piece of produce or streak of sap to make a stain that may be set in for life. While I am by no means a fashion maven, it is nice to be able to leave the dirt at the door by taking off the apron instead of feeling like a should really swap out my shirt before I cook supper because I'm wearing a little too much of the garden. The Roo gardening apron is also made of sturdy industrial strength cotton that will help protect the areas it covers when you're doing fun things like tree climbing for fruit picking.

Roo Gardening Aprons are on sale at Pantry Paratus. Order yours now!

Buy a Roo Gardening Apron

5. Protect Your Back with the Roo by Carrying Heavy Loads more Safely

The Roo gardening apron has shoulder straps and a belt to evenly distribute weight for hauling heavy loads – not a simple neck strap, which puts too much pressure on your neck. The shoulder straps are an inch and half wide, so they won't dig in like narrow straps would. It combines the sturdiness of a professional fruit picking apron with the convenience of a garden tool belt.

You can check out a quick video of the Roo in action below:

Roo gardening apron

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  1. Wonderful design. I’d love to have a pebble grey Roo Apron. In addition to garden produce, I’d of course, reserve a place for ROO! πŸ™‚

  2. Well, I thought I had commented, but maybe not. I’m much better at gardening and yard work than using the computer! I’d love purple, green, gray, or pink in that order. Not sure if I’m on pinterest or know how to follow on it, but I did leave a tweet, are you on facebook? Thanks for the chance. πŸ™‚

  3. This looks great, I’d love to give a purple or pink a try. This would be great in the garden and when I’m collecting eggs, hate it when I think I can get away with putting one in my pocket and then end up cracking it. Thanks.

  4. As I service honey bees and garden, the roo apron would allow a bit more mobility as I shuffle tools for each need . Green or purple are such useful colors….purple being a signal of profitability through feng shui. Great product development!

  5. In addition to gardening, I would use this for sewing and quilting, to keep my tools organized and avoid misplacing them under the fabric. I love purple, please, and thank you for this great product!

  6. Gosh I was just thinking this morning that it would be nice not to use my shirt to carry my produce. I love the green!

  7. I’m looking forward to using it to pick apples. I think my favorite color is the leaf green.

  8. I just found your site by way of my daughter in law. She had posted about the rhubarb cake recipe on her Facebook page. We love rhubarb any way and that sounded really good. So I am reading and checking out this neat site and threw my hat in to try to win a pink Roo Apron. This would be perfect for me because I never have enough hands to carry everything out of the garden. Looking forward to visiting again. Thank you, Betty

  9. pink – it’s easier to keep up with! I would use it while planting and collecting my herbs – and I think it would be great for harvesting, especially my small blueberry bushes! I’m always dropping/ or LEAVING my gloves and tools – then having to hunt for them; this would definitely get me organized when gardening! Thank you for the chance to win!

  10. I love the green color! And I would use the apron to carry my hopefully huge crop of tomatoes and cucumbers. Maybe it could even carry a small melon? And packets of seeds, and tools, and my camera, and all the dozens of things I’m always trying to carry to and from the garden.

  11. I would love to have a green apron. We are getting ready to buy a new home with a green house and garden area and I am so excited to really start gardening and growing food for my family!

  12. First off, congratulations to the makers of the Roo. What a brilliant idea! Obviously, there are many who’d use it, and I am happy that some of them will receive it for free!
    I am a newly certified permaculture designer, and put in hours and hours of free work creating a food forest in a harbor, on an old industrial site from the 1890’s. We’re also renovating the buildings from that same era, and I am forever wandering around with secateurs and hammers in my pockets… climbing ladders, planting trees or bailing boats, I think the Roo apron would be a big hit here, and even if I don’t win it this time, I am sure to buy one in the future when I have more money on hand. Good luck, everyone!

  13. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win this apron. It looks WONDERFUL! I would love to use this to gather up my garden harvest. Thank you so much!

  14. HI, this is great and would be useful not just in the garden but for picking the thousands of small Legos my kids use to create. Lol if possible, I would love purple. Thanks for holding this contest.

  15. Ooohhhh! I was just thinking the other day that I needed a carpenter’s apron, but this is so much better! I’d wear it when working in my yard – weeding, sprucing, and propagating plants. Thank you for the opportunity to win one!

  16. Oh my god I’ve been wanting one of these! So useful! No more climbing up the fruit trees and having to chuck them all over the ground. Or leaving a tool outside and finding it chewed to pieces by my dogs. Would also let me stash different plants and flowers so I can take notes when I’m foraging all over the place and hit the jackpot! Grey is my color for sure.

  17. Would love one of these in ANY color…but not for me – for my daughter! I’m trying to really get her psyched up for all the gardening in her future… Her OCD gets the best of her… maybe this would help her to stay organized! God bless!

  18. I’d use mine for Laundry, Picking lots of Citrus fruit from my mini orchard. I think I’d prefer green, but any color would be wonderful. thanks

  19. I think these Roo bags are the greatest aprons that I have yet to have seen for a multitude of purpose in the garden or out and about in the yard, barn, or even exploring….they are absolutely ideal and perfect as well as being balanced without putting too much weight on the back or just one shoulder….all items can be seen and kept safe and secure within view and within hands reach…I LOVE this APRON! What an absolutely PERFECTLY splendid creation to have! πŸ™‚ “<3" I Love pink for simply what it universally symbolizes of breast cancer awareness! "<3"

  20. As I just six weeks ago had back fusion surgery, THIS apron would be a Godsend for me and my poor back! I love to garden,….I’m one of those with “green” blood running through my veins, and am not happy until I get dirt between my toes and my fingers into it in the Spring! I missing it so bad right now it almost hurt!! But I believe a Roo would be perfect for me, not only for my back, but to carry the mirade of tools, seeds, and misc. items that I am forever needing when I garden, and I either forget and have to go back and get them, or they are at the other end of the garden, thus I wear myself out running back and forth!! And I NEVER seem to have a bowl or a bucket when there is something that needs picking and carrying back to the kitchen! So there you have it! Me + Roo = MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN!!! πŸ˜€

  21. I would use my Roo to gather produce from my garden and hold my small garden tools. Pink is my color πŸ˜‰

  22. I would use it to carry seed packets in early spring and for harvested vegetables later in the season. I like the green one.

  23. I totally love this apron. What a fantastic idea. I would definitely use and benefit from having one of these, and my favorite color is green.

  24. Purple is always a good choice! And with 50= apple trees, I would be using it just like the gal in the picture!

  25. Hi,
    I like the new idea of the roo – gardening apron. It looks cute and I can use in the garden. This apron will help me to carry my garden tools, water bottle etc. Also after finishing my task I can carry some herbs,garlic for use in cooking after the day of work in the garden. is over and my body needs foodI would love Pink colour reason my Pink roses are bloom so great this first year that it would match my roses.
    almas nathoo

  26. I think, if I had a Roo apron, I may never take it off. I can see this being incredibly handy for gardening, laundry, canning, and a whole host of other tasks. Especially if I had a purple one. πŸ˜‰

  27. Now that is my kind of apron, totally practical, attractive, and messyproof. I even love the color.

  28. I would like a pink one to keep gadgets and peppermints in to feed my horses while they watch me grow their carrots and corn.

  29. I would choose the color green to signify the “green” movement I support. I would wear the Roo proudly at all the community volunteer workshops I participate in to plant, weed and create projects to raise funds for the non-profit organizations I participate in.

  30. Love this apron. Actually, MORE than just an apron. I’d never work in my yard or garden without it, if I had one. Would be SO efficient. Very much want to win a gray one! (Thanks for the opportunity!)

  31. Wow, I never knew they made something so perfect to help with my gardening. It sure would help reduce my lower back pain..ha! Thanks for the contest, and green is my favorite color!

  32. We gardeners are always multitasking! We’re harvesting, pulling weeds. reseeding, tying up stems and vine and squishing bugs. This product sounds like a winner!

  33. Actually, I would give this to my niece. She has the most amazing garden in Charlotte city limits! And shedeserves it. I think she would like pink. πŸ™‚ Ay color really tough.

  34. My wife and I were just talking about the need for an item like this apron. We would use it in the garden for planting, weeding, and harvesting. The gray or green.

  35. Purple would be my choice. It pairs nicely with the red of the tomatoes, green of the green beans, and even the yellow of the summer squash…:)

  36. I like the Leaf Green color! Though, my four year old would prefer the Pink Peony. I don’t do much gardening yet (working on that…), but this apron would be perfect for housework, like picking up toys!

  37. Great idea! I can use it to collect eggs and work in the garden. Pink, gray, green, any color would be great!

  38. What a wonderful way to help me out while I’m tending my container garden. Making it so much easier to get things done. Love that it comes in purple… my favorite color. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway, my fingers are crossed.

  39. I could use this for plantng bulbs and iris tubers-something I need to do in a few months. Ponk or purp’ll e would be great, but I know it would be so useful, no matter what the color!

  40. I’d love to use the pink one for harvesting this year. And it would be tons of help getting milking done a bit easier. I’m using jars right now till I can start getting more into it and produce more at one time and it’s not too fun to juggle them around.

  41. This woul be especially awesome for small thinks like cherry tomatoes and green beans. Al

    So for gathering eggs!

  42. Peony Pink would be wonderful for yard work around here. I could carry tools and my cell phone safely. Thanks!

  43. It would get lots of use in our gardens! Especially when just out puttering turns into big haul in….love those days! And I would say pink!

  44. I would love a green one! I would use it to keep all my tools handy and help hold any vegetables I harvest.

  45. I see many possibilities with the roo apron, not just for gardening I of course would love the pink one.

  46. Purple for me! If I had an apron like this perhaps I would stop losing my tools all over the garden.

  47. Leaf green is the color I’d choose for weeding mostly ornamentals out front or for collecting veggies and eggs out back. I’d also proudly wear it to work at Master Gardener demonstration projects.

  48. My favorite color is green. The foliage of all the plants in the spring. I need this apron! I probably will purchase one if I cannot win one.

  49. My wife is the gardener,so this would be a great birthday present for her. I just know she would have a great use for this apron!

  50. This is sorta a big deal! I feel as if to much of my time in the garden is spent finding tools and looking for my bucket to stash all my weedy friends in. What a wonderful idea!

  51. I would use it for picking things like peas and beans and tomatoes and squash. I like the purple color best. Thanks for the giveaway!

  52. I can think of so many uses, gardening, laundry, crafts, picking up my granddaughter’s toys outside, so many uses! Purple would be my choice of colors, thank you for the opportunity to get one!

  53. I’m disabled so this would save me painful trips to get everything I need from the garage to the container garden. This would be so wonderful…especially in green!

  54. I think for right now it would be great for doing laundry and holding my clothes pins. Eventually I want to put in a garden and use it there. Thank you!

  55. I am looking for special gardening clothes for when I volunteer as a gardener at my neighborhood elementary school. A Roo apron could be just the thing(for my home gardens too).

    1. I LOVE the purple!!!!!! I’d use it for picking vegetables and carrying baby animals, plus about 2 MILLION other things!