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Proteak Cutting Board Review – Quality Cutting Boards

After I wrote the post “Why Wooden Cutting Boards are Best“, I was contacted by Madeline of Teakhaus. She said Teakhaus couldn’t agree more, and sent me a cutting board to review.

Proteak Cutting Boards - Sustainably and Organically Grown, Made to Last. Providing quality jobs with fair wages for workers, protecting the environment.

What is Teak?

Teak is a tropical hardwood that has been used through history as a long lasting, water resistant, durable hardwood. Its great in the kitchen because of its high oil content which lends itself to its water resistance and natural antibacterial qualities.

Where is the wood for these cutting boards grown?

The wood for Proteak products is grown on sustainable, organic plantations. From the Proteak website:

Proteak commenced its renewable teak operations in 2000, when the company began planting teak trees on reclaimed ranch lands in the state of Nayarit, roughly three hours northeast of beautiful Puerto Vallarta on Mexico’s Pacific coast. This region was chosen for its soil and precipitation characteristics, which closely mimic teak’s best growing regions in Southeast Asia. These ideal growing conditions allow Proteak to cultivate its trees without the use of irrigation or fertilizer, thereby producing top-quality teak with minimal impact on the environment.

Less than 6 years later, Proteak’s plantations were ready for their first thinning. During this process, up to 50% of trees on a plot are harvested with the purpose of both extracting timber and also opening up the canopy to allow sunlight and open space for the remaining trees to mature.

Environmental and social sustainability have been cornerstones of Proteak’s guiding philosophy since day one. Shortly after cultivation began, Proteak was awarded a Forestry Management Certification from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), affirming Proteak’s dedication to ecologically sound forestry techniques. In addition, Proteak seeks to stimulate the agricultural community by providing quality jobs with fair wages for workers in a traditionally low-income area of Mexico.

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Proteak Boards are Beautiful and Made to Last

These are the prettiest cutting boards I have ever seen. The wide range of colors is very striking – everything from black to nearly white. (The end grain boards are even more stunning.)  The board in the photo also includes a juice channel around the edge of the board to catch drips, as do many of the other boards available. There are also hand grips cut into the ends of the board. At 20×15 inches, this board is BIG – at least compared to my other cutting boards. Their large boards must be intended for prepping your entire meal right on the cutting board. 😉


The boards are solid (and really heavy – do not drop one on your foot). At one and half inches thick, these are built to last. This particular board is from the same collection of cutting boards that Cooks Illustrated magazine called “the last cutting board you will ever need” after testing it for six months against nine other companies.

This is the type of kitchen item that is given as a gift and passed down for generations. If you don’t have a local craftsperson available to make you a solid board that’s made to last, this is a good way to vote with your dollars for a company that’s paying fair wages and environmentally sound practices abroad.

I did not receive anything for this review other than a cutting board, which the boys have been using to process apples. I think this is a good product made by a company that’s trying to do the right thing.

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  1. I would use this board for cutting everything! It is so beautiful I would also have to use it for decoration when I wasn’t chopping up vegetables!! Maybe hang it on the wall beside my sink. Thank you for the chance to win.

  2. This is beautiful! I’d use it for all manner of veggies and fruits πŸ™‚ As far as eliminating waste in my kitchen, I avoid paper towel use and compost everything possible.

  3. I LOVE this cutting board! I need to throw out all my plastic cutting boards and get wooden ones! If I win this cutting board it will become a permanent beautiful functional part of my kitchen!

  4. What a gorgeous cutting board!!! It would get a lot of use in my kitchen. I particularly love wooden boards for slicing my homemade gluten free bread.

  5. What a great giveaway! I would love to use this is my kitchen to create wonderful meals for my family and friends!

  6. I grow my own fruit and veggies during the summer as I live in a rural area where grocery stores are few and far between. But the main reason I grow my own is to eat organically and cut back on my carbon footprint etc. This chopping board would be great when preparing my harvest to can and freeze to see us through the 7 month winters we have here in Canada.

  7. I just love this cutting board and would use it to cut up all my garden vegetables to get ready to can.
    I also sustain waste by saving my veggie seeds from on year to the next so I don’t have to purchase them.
    I also freeze left over veggies in a freezer container, just keep layering them until it is full and thaw it to make vegetable beef stew or your favorite soup. Even if it is just a spoonful.

  8. I would use the board to cut up all the veggies that we eat. We do recycle all our aluminum and compost.

  9. I cant live without my cutting board. I use one side to cut on and one side to roll out dough. I save all vegie scraps when cutting to make vegetable broth.

  10. I have a wood cutting board and a small bamboo one, but this would be (by a mile) the prettiest board I’ve ever owned if I won! I’d use it to chop piles of veggies for our meals. I kind of love having the piles of chopped things all ready to push into a skillet at the right time…pretty peppers, onions, minced garlic, tomatoes, squash, etc…just looks so bountiful and beautiful and on this board it would be even more stunning!

  11. I would cut up tons of veggies on this beautiful cutting board. We cook a lot in our house and this would be very useful πŸ™‚

  12. I think I would use this cutting board for almost everything! But it sounds perfect for cutting up a watermelon.

  13. My husband and I host large gatherings almost monthly where we serve smoked brisket, chickens, and baby back ribs. (The smoked chicken is my FAVORITE) Something as beautiful as this would be so great to be able to use. And the fact that it is sustainable is awesome!

  14. My husband and I host large gatherings almost monthly where we serve smoked brisket, chickens, and baby back ribs. (The smoked chicken is my FAVORITE) Something as beautiful as this would be so great to be able to use. And the fact that it is sustainable is awesome!

  15. So beautifully crafted! I love to cook and I would display this in my kitchen as a beautiful display of craftsmanship when I wasn’t using it. It would be a cherished addition to my kitchen that I would love to pass on to my daughter when she gets married one day. She has helped me cook and bake since she could walk; she’s a teenager now. The ones we use now are plastic and although they protect the counter surfaces they do not have the endurance or antibacterial properties that your product does. My boards get “fuzzy” after so much use that I have to replace them frequently because I do not want them to hold on to bacteria or food particles even after washing. I would LOVE to have a beautiful Proteak cutting board in my home! They are a work of ART!

  16. I would love to own this cutting board! It’s beautiful and would be a great additional cooking tool. I have always preferred wood cutting boards to use for everything from food prep to rolling out pastries and tortillas. They don’t dull your knives and stay sanitary. I keep my fruit and veggi cuttings as well as egg shells and coffee grounds for composting. Nothing goes to waste!

  17. The timing is perfect! I’ve hunted for the best cutting board for years. My last try was with bamboo – not bad, but doesn’t last that long: the first one warped and split, the second hasn’t been bad but also developing cracks and I’d worn through the top layer. The teak board looks excellent. I use my cutting board constantly, primarily for veggies, sometimes fruits, occasionally [rarely] nuts. We make every effort to live harmoniously with nature, recycling everything possible, avoiding packaging where possible, and not living based on consumerism. We have a small organic garden. My cutting board has pride of place on the counter and I’m hoping it will be your cutting board. Thanks.

  18. What a beautiful cutting board! It would be displayed & All my chopping would be done on this board. We try to be as green as possible. From buying in bulk to choosing sustainable companies to buy from, using re-usable shopping bags, recycling and composting.

  19. I would love to win this cutting board. It would be used daily. It probably would never get put up from all the use it would receive.

  20. I would use it to prepare healthy food for my family. And I would keep in on my new countertop after my kitchen gets done being remodeled due to water damage! Its been gutted for a year and that hasn’t slowed down my cooking, new to gardening and canning, and my love of cooking!!

  21. I recently dropped my bamboo cutting board and it split in half. πŸ™ I would love to replace it with a teak one. πŸ™‚

  22. I need a new cutting board and you’ve convinced me wood is best. Thanks to everyone involved in this giveaway!

  23. I would use that cutting board for everything! It’d be one that I keep out on my counter top at all times. So pretty! πŸ™‚

  24. The cutting board is beautiful. I would use it when I am dehydrating. I need a large work area to cut the food.

  25. building a house with new counter tops and all I have is those stupid plastic sheets, a new cutting board would be awesome

  26. What a beautiful cutting board. I love my wood cutting board, but it is very old and I would love to replace it with one of these. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  27. I would continue with the family tradition of using one side for meat and the other for veggies like mom used to do!

  28. Such a beautiful board! I need a new wooden board since we have just gone GF in honor of my new daughter-in-law.

    1. I was so in awe of the beauty of the board that I forgot to answer your questions! We love to cook together as a family and prepping in the kitchen is also a family affair. Another cutting board would be appreciated!!! We do not waste anything in our kitchen-even the tiniest scraps go to chickens, pigs, or into bone broth. Thanks for the opportunity!

  29. This board is so beautiful and I love the sustainable origin. It would be such a lovely replacement for plastic boards.

  30. I don’t generally use wood cutting boards except for baked good. I usually use plastic because they are easier to keep clean and germ-free. These teak boards look like they’d be perfect for presenting a loaf of artisan bread, ready to be sliced up and eaten.

  31. What a beautiful cutting board! I would use it for meal prep…mostly cutting up all my veggies, sometimes meat. I recycle what I can and I compost.

  32. I have been convinced that I need a wood cutting board. These are beautiful! Would love one. I do my best to buy things with as little packaging as possible – which is easier when you are sticking to a more whole food diet. Thanks for sharing!

  33. use lots of fresh vegetables while cooking. Would love to have this board. Would make cooking much more appealing. ( know nothing about using tags!)

  34. What a stunning board. Very timely, I was just looking at my own cutting board and thinking it was time for a new one…thank you.

  35. This would go perfectly in the tiny house we are building. It would replace our current cutting board that I made from an old gym floor.

  36. Thank you for the opportunity to win this beautiful cutting board. I would use it to prep veggies for canning along with a dozen other uses I can think of. Good luck everyone.

  37. Beautiful board! I love that it is teak. I would use the board to cut up all my veggies. One of the ways I’ve cut down on waste is making veggie broth with veggie scraps that would normally get thrown away. The recipe is in my url.

  38. We would use it for cutting veggies and prepping chicken. In our kitchen, we use cloth napkins, skip the garbage bag, compost scraps, recycle, reuse plastic baggies and use homemade cleaners.

  39. What a wonderful looking cutting board. We are in the process of moving and this would like nice in my new kitchen. Right now I’m using my mom’s tiny cutting board as tomatoes are coming in and we are putting up sauces, juice and diced tomatoes. Would be great with the juice catcher which my current board does not have.

  40. We have a wooden cutting board in our kitchen as well as a plastic one. I find myself reaching for the wooden one more often. My fiancee had it before I moved in with him and it was the only one that he would use! Smart man! lol πŸ˜€

  41. I would love this cutting board to be just for cutting fruits and veggies on! I have another that I use for meats but never one dedicated to just fruits and veggies!

  42. Oh my goodness I would love this cutting board. Wooden cutting boards are the only ones I use and I’m in need of a new one…my older is really taking a beating from the chopping I have been doing while preserving fruits, veggies and salsa from the produce I’m getting out of my gardens πŸ˜€

  43. That is an absolutely beautiful cutting board. I use my current one to cut a lot of veggies and fruit. Would love to use this one for that and for slicing homemade bread.

  44. This would be a great addition to any kitchen! I love chopping and flash freezing my onions and bell peppers so that I have them ready for everything!

  45. we have a tiny kitchen, so we usually place a cutting board on our deep freezer for more prep space. our wood board just broke, so having a new one is essential.

  46. I would use the cutting board for daily chopping of fruits and vegetables. I recycle the unusable scraps in a compost 5 gallon bucket, which eventually ends up in my garden.

  47. In my kitchen, any scraps (non-meat) either go into a bag in the freezer for making broth, are fed to the chickens, or go to the compost. Nothing goes to waste. I practice sustainability as much as possible which is why I would love to win this cutting board. It would be wonderful for chopping all the garden veggies that I prepare for the dehydrator.

  48. Beautiful cutting board. I’ve been composting for about a year now. I encourage everyone to plant a small garden and use your kitchen scraps for compost.

  49. Its a beautiful board. My beautifully made wholewheat herb breads deserve to sit on something so lovely before being sliced. Good luck to all the contest entrants!

  50. Besides this cutting board just beingn used to jazz up my boring kitchen this cutting board would bygo to board when providing wholesome real food for my family and friends

  51. I would use it to chop up my salsa ingredients before canning (tossing the veggie waste in my compost, naturally)

  52. I would use this for everything, but it would come in real handy around the holidays. Thanks for the opportunity to win this cutting board.

  53. As a foster parent, I always have a house full and spend most of my day in the kitchen. I would love to have a quality cutting board to replace my plastic one!

  54. OMGosh! that board is gorgeous! Since wood (esp teak) is great at repelling bacteria I would use it for everything! My mom did, my grandmother did – good enough for me!


  55. I made one out of teak wood in shop class about 35 years ago for my mom and she had it until she passed away last year, not sure what happened to it, but I know it would last a lifetime. I really like the drain channel, it would come in handy!!!

  56. great for all cutting in the kitchen! think the awareness and information on sustainable AND organic teak was very interesting and uplifting. thank you.

  57. I am a wooden cutting board lover, though mine are not nearly this nice! This is beautiful, would love to show it off in my kitchen!

  58. We’ve finally got our compost going! We moved in our house 3 years ago, but had twins a few months later. It’s taken us awhile to get settled in & such. I would love to add this cutting board to my kitchen – my other wood cutting board split in half & I haven’t had an opportunity to replace it.

  59. Love it! Would use for the usual things – chopping fruits and veggies. We are trying to reduce our waste by recycling, upcyling and finding/making multi-use items. currently we are using used t-shirts and jeans to make new items including kitchen/bath rugs, hanging kitchen towels, reuseable totes and more. Thanks for all you do and share with us!

  60. I remember my mom always using a wooden cutting board. I love what this company is doing! Beautiful board.

  61. I would love this! I had a cutting board that I used for years until it expired a few months ago. I could really use it. LOVE the grain in the cutting board. Beautiful!

  62. This is such a “Beautiful” cutting board, when not in use I would hang it up for all to see. When in use, I would be using it to cut up my veggies and fruits for my smoothies and to carve food on as well. I would also use it to cut up cheese on, then set it out for everyone to enjoy both the cheese and the board. It’s a work of art. Love it!

  63. I’d love to use this as I spend alot of time in the kitchen as a result of our garden….but I’m really trying to win this for my wife as she spends even more time in there! lol I am mostly into preserving the harvest, whereas she prepares meals from the garden and otherwise.

    We would use this like we do now, slicing and dicing our harvest in food preparation and preservation, but also to slice and dice our vegetable/fruit scraps before we throw them in the compost pile. It helps them to decay much faster. We’d also use it to carve up our catch when I go fishing with the kids.

  64. After your post the other day about wooden cutting boards, I had a discussion with my husband about switching out all of our nasty plastic cutting boards to wooden ones. I haven’t done it yet, but this would be a perfect starting point. This cutting board is gorgeous!!!

  65. I had a wooden cutting board that I used for years! It finally fell apart, and I’ve been missing it ever since!

  66. This board would be very helpful because I use mostly veggies and fruit in my diet. Besides being beautiful in my kitchen, it would be extremely useful.

  67. Just today I told my husband why I threw out our 2 plastic boards and bought a wooden one. I need another!

  68. I have been looking for a ‘forever’ cutting board. My plastic ones just dont cut it and my other wood ones dont seem hard enough to not go all textured on me. Teak might just be the ticket.

  69. I would use it to cut everything…especially the fresh veggies and herbs from my garden. I grow my own things in my garden…starting small and working up as I can. Would like to someday have all fruits and veggies come from my own garden.

  70. I would use this for so many things! I bake quite a bit and this would be wonderful to kneed my bread on.

  71. I would love one of these to chop up my garden produce. All my scraps go into the compost that we use to fertilize the garden. πŸ™‚

  72. What would I do with this cutting board? USE IT!!! I got rid of my plastic ones, and just have a couple of bamboo ones that get a good amount of use!

  73. This board would be a big hit at our community kitchen. We have a community garden and kitchen called The Giving Tree. This would be the talk of the town and being able to use it first hand I believe would bring in the orders from our neck of the woods in NC.

  74. The majority of the use would be cutting up onion, since we use those a lot. And veggies for salads. Love the concept of this company.

  75. My family and I have Celiac, so I am always cutting vegetables, fruits and meats. This beautiful board would
    make life a lot easier for me and enhance my kitchen.

  76. I currently have an “eco-friendly” recyclable plastic cutting board but I just feel so icky using it. I feel like it can never get truly clean. I would LOVE to cut all my fruits and veggies on a teak cutting board!

  77. I’d use this cutting board for everything. The only cutting board I have is painted red and I get little red paint chips in our food when I use it! πŸ™

  78. What a beautiful board! With the massive amounts of vegetables I chop it would certainly be useful!

  79. I would use this for processing my CSA veggies! For sustainability, we make our dog food out of every scrap we have and what he won’t eat, we compost for the garden.

  80. I have been using wooden cutting boards since time immemorial, as did my mother and grandmothers before me. Currently, I am using a bamboo board but would love to try a TEAK one to see if it keeps what it promises. I like the sustainability of both bamboo and teak, and love it if I were to be a winner.

  81. What a lovely cutting board. Would love to display it on my counter. Making it readily available for, oh so many jobs!

  82. This is crazy, I was just eyeing my battered plastic POS board I despise. I always prefer having wood, and having separate boards for fruits and meats but one got beaten to the point of tossing and I haven’t made it to replacing it yet πŸ™

  83. I only have plastic boards…. I have never tried a wood board, but these look wonderful! Would love to use this for cutting my home made bread!

  84. This is really beautiful! I have a very green kitchen – wash baggies and use them over, save everything biodegradable and take it to the mulch pile, tons of fruit & veg from the garden, and home canned goods (what I’m doing right now)!

  85. Would love this board! It’s hard to find quality products in our small town. Thanks for making me aware of this product!

  86. I would replace my old wooden cutting board because I was young when I got it and didn’t oil it like I should have for the first 10 years. It’s a big one also and I love it for carving meat and processing veg for canning, but not in the same day!

  87. Love this! I’d use it to replace (the very small) cutting board I currently have. I tried to prep a whole chicken on my current board today and there just wasn’t enough room.

  88. I would use it for Thanksgiving feasting. It is pretty enough to make my husband carve the bird in front of everyone. Other uses would be the apple prepping for the cranberry apple pies for Christmas.

  89. I have always loved cutting boards, I prefer wood I have tried plastic once and never liked them. I would love a new one, I have started canning and have my first garden. Good Luck to everyone

  90. My husband and I made an aquaponics system that we use to grow strawberries, lettuce, and herbs. We would absolutely love this cutting board to cut up our home grown produce! Great quality and beautiful cutting board!

  91. Oh my! I know exactly what I would use it for! Every time I make London Broil, the juice always runs off my cutting board and onto the cabinet. Uck! Sure wish I had one of these!

  92. I love this idea! If I won this board, I’d keep it my hunting cabin and then buy another one for my house. I’ve only used a wooden cutting board. Can’t see using a petroleum product that will take thousands of years to decay to cut beautiful meat and organic veggies on!

  93. I love my wood cutting boards. I cut lots of fruits and veggies and my hardwood board from Mexico gets the most use. As far as sustainability we also have a goat box and a compost bucket for scraps or things turning bad.

  94. How appropriate! We just chucked all but two of our boards and were looking for replacement ideas! De-boning a chicken on a board that size would be a snap.

  95. Since all my boards are split images of their former selves, i would probably grab this board everytime for everything!

  96. I would love to have a wood cutting board.
    I will never put it on the stove, like I did the last one. (only later to turn on the wrong burner, doh!) Lesson learned. All respect for your artful and practical wood pieces.

  97. Would love to win the cutting board it would be great for my veggies. I have heard about how good teak wood is would love to find out for myself.

  98. This board would come in handy when doing my monthly produce-prep for the freezer (I live alone so only shop once a month). And I rarely throw anything away, I save bones and veggie scraps to make homemade stock for cooking.

  99. What a beautiful cutting board! I have a new house…my son remodeled the 1960s kitchen with granite countertops. I love the easy cleanup, but do not like to cut on them as it is hard on my knives

  100. I love wooden cutting boards. The plastic ones seem to wear down my knives so quickly. Plus they double as pretty serving platters.

  101. It’s too pretty to use for cutting on. LOL I love teak and I really need a cutting board I have been using my counter top and I’m afraid it will not last long it I keep cutting on it.

  102. Ive always loved wood cutting boards. Not only for their gorgeous individual looks but durability and use ability is unmatched.

  103. I make homemade sourdough yumminess. I would cut that on this gorgeous board along with lots of veggies.