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  • folding keyboard for practical gift

    Bluetooth Folding Keyboard

    Bluetooth Folding Keyboard can hook to your iPhone or Android and give you a FULL keyboard on the go. Its small and has its own battery.  August keeps it in his car and brings it along to meetings/conferences so he can take notes if he doesn’t have a tablet or laptop. This is a great…

  • Dual USB Car Charger

    The Anker 24W Dual USB car charger works great.  August used it driving to and from Milwaukee for nearly 5 years and it is reliable, simple and just plain works. We have one in the van too.  Some new smartphones like the iPhone and Samsung draw a lot of wattage.  This little charger can reasonably…

  • KaitoKA500 Radio

    Kaito KA500 Crank-Solar Radio

    Kaito Crank/Solar emergency Radio This radio receives: FM, AM, National Weather Service, and Shortwave radio.  It can charge off of A/C, charge in the sun and can be crank charged. It can charge your cellphone too. It has a flashlight also. Available from Amazon Available from Rescue Essentials  

  • Eneloop Pro AA Low Self Discharge Rechargeable AA batteries

    Panasonic eneloop pro AA Battery

    Panasonic BK-3HCCA8BA eneloop pro AA Pro AA Battery.  These are excellent high mAh rechargeable AA batteries.  They are low self discharge, meaning they will hold about 85% of their charge after a year in storage. Note, rechargeable AA and AAA batteries will not run some devices that require slightly higher voltages. In those you should use…

  • RAVPower 26800 External Battery Pack

    The RAVPower 26800 External Battery Pack is a 26800mAh 5.5A 3-port power bank.  It charges any USB powered device including smart-phones. A great gift for a person who travels or is a camper and needs to be able to charge their device when there isn’t any power.  We use it even at home, as a way…