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Black Walnut Tincture – How to Make it and Use it Safely

In this post, we'll discuss how to make black walnut tincture, plus uses and benefits and a black walnut parasite cleanse. Black walnut tincture is easy to make, although a quick search will reveal plenty of variations in technique. Some people use only the green hull, some use the whole nuts in the hull. Most use only green nuts, but I've found a couple sources that use black hulls. I prefer to keep it simple and stick with plain vodka, but some mix half vodka and half glycerin, or even vodka, lemon juice and a layer of olive oil on top. (The olive oil and lemon help prevent oxidation, keeping your tincture green instead of brown.)

close up of black walnut tincture in mason jar

This is a people's remedy, not a standardized pharmaceutical. The amount of active compounds in the nut hulls will vary from tree to tree, as will the ratio of hulls per batch. If you are attempting to treat a specific condition, you may wish to consult a trained herbalist to figure out the right dosage for you. I am not a doctor, and this post is not intended to diagnose or treat any illness.

Black walnut side effects/risks are minimal. Don't use it if you have a nut allergy. Handling the nuts will turn your fingers brown, but it wears off – eventually. There may be some risk to the fetus/baby, so it's not recommended for use while pregnant or nursing. WebMD warns against daily oral use due to a possible link with tongue or lip cancer, but others use black walnut powder as part of natural toothpaste blends. (Clear as mud, I know. WebMD is a trusted mainstream resource, but sometimes their information is pretty obviously influenced by Big Pharma.)

How to Make Black Walnut Tincture

When I'm making plant medicine, I generally like to get a nice, concentrated extract, then dilute as needed. For black walnut tincture, this means using only the husks, not the whole nuts. Cutting off the hulls gives you the opportunity to double check the quality of the hulls, too.

Picking Black Walnuts

I collect the nuts off the ground as they fall – sooner is better than later. The longer they are off the tree, the more discoloration and the higher the likelihood of unwanted guests. (See below.)


As we prepped the latest batch of tincture, we found some nuts that looked green and nice at a glance. Upon closer inspection, the stem end was a little squishy. When cut open, the walnuts were crawling with maggots. Sure, the alcohol would pickle them, but I prefer my tinctures worm free.

black walnut maggots

To make your black walnut tincture:

  1. Select black walnuts in good condition. You'll need around 2 quarts of nuts for one quart of tincture.
  2. Select a good quality 80 proof vodka (40% alcohol bu volume).
  3. Clean your tincturing vessel (a mason jar will work just fine) and fill about 1/3 full with vodka.
  4. With a sharp knife, cut off hulls and drop into vodka.
  5. Fill jar with hulls, covering with additional vodka as needed.
  6. When jar is full, cover and store out of direct sunlight for around 4-6 weeks, mixing or stirring every few days.
  7. Strain out hulls and store your black walnut tincture in a clean glass bottle. (Colored glass bottles will help preserve the active ingredients.)
  8. Best brewed fresh each season, but will likely maintain some medicinal value for years, depending on conditions.

Once your nuts are hulled, they can be cured and used like English walnuts (walnut curing instructions here), although they will require a hammer or heavy duty nut cracker.

Black Walnut Uses

Black walnut tincture has historically been known for anti-fungal, anti-helminthic (parasite killing), anti-viral and anti-bacterial effects. Some herbalists use them as part of anti-cancer protocols, such as Dr. Hulda Clark's 21 Day Cancer Cure Program.

Baseline of Health Foundation notes that:

Before vitamins and minerals were commonly used, herbalists were known to use black walnut for a variety of conditions including easing scrofula, ulcers, wounds, rickets, scurvy and as a gargle. In more recent times, Russian military hospitals also used the nut as a cleansing and quick healing medication for wounds and ulcers.

The black walnut hull’s tannin content is thought to help shrink the sweat glands and reduce excessive sweating. Other uses include:

  • lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • menorrhagia (heavy menstrual bleeding) and diarrhea
  • aiding digestion
  • helping relieve colic, heartburn and flatulence
  • stimulating bile flow
  • easing pain in spleen
  • balancing blood sugar levels
  • warding off heart disease
  • combating malaria
  • helping with syphilis
  • helping with skin conditions such as boils and acne
black walnut tincture in a mason jar

How Do I Use Black Walnut Tincture?

As I mentioned above, each batch of black walnut tincture will vary. Dr. Janet Starr Hull includes the following dosing instructions on her website for using black walnut tincture as a parasite cleanse:

Serving size for the Black Walnut green hull tincture is 20 drops. The ingredients in the tincture: wild harvested green hull of Black Walnut (juglans nigra), grain alcohol, with the distilled water/grain alcohol content 45-55%, and the dry herb/menstrum ratio is 1:5. Suggested use for the Black Walnut green hull tincture: take 20 drops in a little water 3 times a day. There are about 60 servings per each 2 fluid ounce bottles. (59 ml)

To use topically on warts or fungal infections such as athlete's foot, you can try applying a small amount of black walnut tincture directly to the affected area with a cotton swab. Note – This is likely to stain your skin brown.

Alternatively, add around a dropper full of tincture to a gallon of warm water in your foot soak basin and soak for 10 minutes per day for up to two weeks. I have not attempted to use this treatment (no athlete's foot), but it should be safe based on internal dosing recommendations that I have read. Watch for any signs of sensitivity and discontinue use if the treatment causes significant irritation.

black walnut stain
Stained fingers from processing black walnuts.

Black walnut hulls are also dried and used medicinally, both externally and internally.

Have you used black walnut tincture? If so, please share your experience. There are a wide range of uses out there, and I know I've only scratched the surface in this post.

Where Do I Get Black Walnuts?

Don't have a black walnut tree? You can buy black walnut tincture or chopped and sorted hulls online. Planning to be in your current location for a while? You can plant black walnut seedlings and they will fruit in 7-10 years. Watch where you're planting, as they will inhibit the growth of many other plants trees and shrubs. Only a few plants, like pawpaws, happily grow in the shade of black walnuts.

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Originally posted in 2016, updated in 2018.

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  1. Hi, I have had concern with the alcohol also. I started to experiment with Organic Vegetable Glycerin made from Organic Coconut Oil. I made a couple of tinctures with it and so far so good. I don’t know if this would be an option for the Black Walnut Tincture. I would love your comments on this.

    1. Hello, It was difficult to find information on how to make it. Herballegacy/Dr. John R. Christopher says to make the tincture with dried powder in vodka. I would use fresh walnuts for tincture and if mI had powder I’d keep it and if I knew how to make powder from the fresh walnuts, I would do that.
      I know nothing about the glycerin, but if it can be made with it, it must be healthier than vodka.
      The potency don’t really matter. It is a natural remedy and one can ”overdose” without danger. You get what you get and it is so much cheaper to make onself.

  2. I made it with apple cider vinegar. It has sat for 2 months and still is not black….its greenish.
    Did I do something wrong?

    1. The walnuts are supposed to sit in vodka for two weeks, shake jar every day, then strain.
      Alcohol is not healthy for the liver, also apple cider vinegar – it kind of preserves the liver, according to Medical Medium, so I use my tincture only topically and if I need it internally will buy it in powder instead.

  3. Do you sell the tincture? I’ve been looking online and I’m hesitant to purchase anything since I really can’t be sure what is in it.

        1. Potency is going to vary based on the growing conditions of the nuts, no matter how they are processed into tincture. I’m sure there are variations with different preparation methods as well.

        2. I made some black walnut tincture using fresh hulls this year and, based on the result, I definitely believe that using fresh is superior to using dried.

    1. Hi,
      I have some 5 liters of tincture in 700 ml vodka bottles. Would you like to buy one? I have too much of it. I used the best Finnish vodka. You can write to sigridaronsson at I am in Denmark.

  4. I made 5 liters of Black Walnut tincture and still have most of it. Nowadays I read and do Medical Medium and he says that apple cider vinegar and alcohol is not healthy, even in small quantities like in a herbal
    tincture, so now I will only use it topically and clean out on the inside with Medical Medium celery juice etc.
    If you have it in capsules, of course you can open it and give half of it to small dogs, but it is a herb so I would not be afraid to give a whole capsule, as somebody wrote above.

  5. Yes it is. Horror stories have been posted on the Internet that black walnut causes allergies, blisters from black walnut are shown on the hands and feet. Yes, there may be such blisters, but this is not an allergy, everything goes away and the skin is cleansed.

  6. My son had terrible warts on the bottom of his feet that we could not get rid of for years. They were getting so bad he was finding it difficult to walk. We started taking him to a podiatrist who was manually shaving and scraping them off and it was so painful for him. I was so worried and scared. During his treatments that were not working, we moved to a new house. There was a black walnut tree in the back yard. That first fall they were all over the ground. My son was 12yo went outside in his bare feet and started squishing all the husks with his feet. Not knowing anything about it his feet turned completely black. I was mortified that it wouldn’t come off. But a couple of weeks later when it faded, both feet were like baby’s feet. The skin was like brand new and not a wart in site. Never has had a wart since and that was more than 3 years ago. God provides us with what we need and for my son it was black walnuts.

  7. I am sharing with you an easy way to determine if there is juglone in your tinctures, dry leaves and shells and capsules.
    In tincture – take some baking soda and heat it on the stove. Dissolve soda in 3/4 parts of water. Pour the settled soda solution into a white cup.
    Add some tincture to the cup. If the water turns crimson, then there is a juglone.
    If brown, then there is no juglone.

    In leaves, shells and capsules – grind the leaves and shells to powder.
    Mix each one separately in pure DMSO in 1/5 use and stir.
    After settling, drain each solution separately.
    Prepare a baking soda solution as described above for each type.
    Drop the DMSO solution into the baking soda solution. A crimson color will indicate the presence of a juglone.

  8. i live in the south of Spain (Granada city) and black walnut trees are not around here in the wild, but i can find black walnut trees as ornamental trees in some city parks

  9. Hello Marlene, thank you so much for responding. I decided to make the a version of the tincture someone suggested, using the Black Walnut, Sheep Sorrel, Clove, Wormwood, Oregon Grape Root, and Turkey Rhubarb, (which didn’t have and ordered). Its powerful, I made it into a tea and started drinking it. I truly do believe in her conclusions. I love that you have shared your experiences. I would love to talk more. Please go to my website Stories By Sharon dot com. Thank you. Hope to talk more. Sharon.

  10. Hi Sharon, Let me start with a correction to my lung CA. When it came back, it way my LEFT lung. I had lost my right lung. Sorry for the confusion. Ok. The working up to 5 drops a day is the Black Walnut(green) Tincture. She is very cautious so when I read the quantity that some take of teaspoons to start I wondered how their liver felt? Anyway, I need to express that she believes MOST all cancers can be cured with her regime she explains in the book and her tapes. The parasites can be most anywhere in your body. Cancer is so sneaky. It actually knows where to start. It finds your weakest point. Someplace where there was trauma or weakness. Getting back to the dosage, I have noted that eventually teaspoons of the Black Walnut Tincture are taken. I was under great stress at my career and smoking so there you go. Formula for lung cancer at 48 years old. Dr. Clark has recommended to take the black walnut tincture along with wormwood and include the cloves. A triple threat. I noticed it on her website. Well, good luck and good health to all. Thank you for all your information and insight. Hope this helps Sharon.

  11. Hi Marlene, thank you so much for your amazing story. I am sure you are helping so many just by sharing it.
    When you say Dr. Clark says start the tincture working up to 5 drops per day… that of Black Walnut Tincture? Does Dr. Clark think all cancers and diseases begin with the parasites and worms in the colon?
    I would love to hear more. I will get her tapes. Thank you, Sharon.

  12. I found out about Dr. Clark when she was still alive in 1997. A large cancer tumor was found accidentally in my right lung. I worked in a hospital so naturally went with the doctor and big pharma deal. I was a stage 4 and scared not to.

    After the surgery, the chemo, and radiation (some together for a stronger effect) and wishing I was dead, a friend of mine told me about Dr. Clark. So I started my research on her, finding out that she had to run and hide while doing her research as THEY (guess who) were hunting her down to kill her. She knew before most of the cure for most ALL cancers.

    There was no need for the losing 99% of my right lung, nor the near death from chemo and radiation. Yes, the chemo and radiation just about killed me. You can feel that you are dying. No doubt I had parasites trying to kill me. The cancer stayed away for 22 years. Then it was found (after years and years of CT’s, MRI’s, & PET scans) in my right lung. OMG. Not again. I was sent to Baylor for robotic surgery of 1/3 of the right lung.

    All this time it did not hit me to start Dr. Clark’s routine of the black walnut tincture. Still working past the right lung resection, I thought it was done. Not so. Again, on chance, one of the MRI’s showed brain cancer. I thought this stuff is killing me slowly. No surgery, too risky in the cerebellum. Radiation. I swore I would never do it again but it was growing fast. You can believe I will NEVER use any of these again. It was so horrible to have done at age 73.

    So, needless to say, I am on black walnut and starting her wormwood and cloves. If anything shows up again, It’s gonna be dog wormer from FenBen No more big pharma or doctor protocol.

    Just lost my younger brother from a rare sarcoma last August. I did not know he had it for 2 years and being MIS-treated by MD Anderson. I was in the process of getting him on Dr. Clark’s regime when the cancer exploded and took him. I have all four tapes of Dr. Clark and if you want to have a crash course in her miracle course, please get them if you can. Don’t make my mistake of not acting on it. I did not know of the dog wormer before all of my treatments.

    Dr Clark recommends for the tincture starting with 1 drop first day, 2 drops second day until day 5 and then 5 per day. I cannot afford any organ damage and must be safe with the dosages. Good luck to everyone. You are all very smart and I appreciate all the knowledge you have given me. God bless.

  13. Can someone help me save my friend. He has worms and feels like they are taking over his body

    1. Has your friend seen a trained medical professional? If not, it sounds like they need to do so. I cannot give specific medical advice, nor would it be safe for me to attempt to do so.

  14. Its 2021 is it to late to comment? A year ago I picked up a bag of walnuts washed them and put them in vodka whole. Today I removed the nuts from the liquid and easily removed the nut from the hull. Now what? Is the liquid good to use? I spotted bed worms and my 94 year old grandma has symptoms of parasite infestation. Including paid in the bladder to vaginal wall. Doctors recommend pain pills. Is this safe the way I have done it? Should I dry the Hull now?

    1. The tincture should be fine to use. I normally compost the spent hulls.

      For the bed worms, everything needs to be well cleaned and the bed vacuumed or replaced. They should have nothing to do with internal parasites.

      For the possible parasite infection, I can’t legally give recommendations for specific conditions.

  15. I am very interested in the black walnut tincture. I used to use it all the time and loved it but the source changed the formula and now its not as good. So I am going to make my own. My friend has a huge English Walnut tree. I would like to know if the medicinal properties are as good as the Black Walnut tree.
    When do you harvest the hulls? How many do you need to make a batch?
    I’m excited to make this. I used it for my go to before and I am sure I will again.
    Thank you, Sharon V.

    1. Normally I harvest the black walnut hulls when the nuts are ripe and start falling off the tree.

      You can make a batch with however many you have. Simply fill the jar will hulls, then cover with vodka.

      As for the medicinal properties of English walnut hulls, I haven’t been able to find any significant information.

      When the English walnuts ripen, the hulls shrivel and dry up to dump the nuts out, so you’d have to use immature nuts to get intact hulls.

      This was the only information I was able to find, but it’s unclear if they are referencing the hull or nut meats.

      A Review on the Potential Human Health Benefits of the Black Walnut: A Comparison with the English Walnuts and Other Tree Nuts

      Phenolic compounds present in walnuts are mainly concentrated in the hull (the skin that covers the kernel), and this fraction has been linked to improved human health effects. [39] Importantly, reports have shown that the walnut phenols are highly bioavailable.[40] Karamac[41] showed that the total phenolic content of English walnuts (550 ± 11 mg catechin equivalents per gram of tannin fraction) was higher than hazelnut (329 ± 7) and almonds (83 ± 2). Analysis of Black walnuts performed in the Schlegel laboratory, Food Science and Technology, University of Nebraska, showed a phenolic content of 2.45 ± 0.01 mg trans-cinnamic acid equivalents per gram of kernel (data not published), which was slightly higher than values obtained from English walnuts (2.14 mg gallic acid equivalents per gram of kernel) reported by Carvalho et al.[10] It must be noted that only one solvent system was used by both laboratories, which cannot possibly account for total levels due to the chemical diversity of phenols. However, Rorabaugh et al.[42] used two solvent systems (80% acetone and 80% methanol in water) to extract flavonol from both the English and Black walnut. These analyses showed that English walnuts contained higher levels of phenolic acids and flavonols, compared to Black walnuts. The total flavonol profile for the acetone extract was 166.1 and 24.2 μg/g for English and Black walnut, respectively, and the total profile for the methanol extract was 147.6 and 4.1 μg/g for the English and Black walnut, respectively. The specific compounds identified in both types of walnuts included 5-caffeoylquinic acid, 4-caffeoylquinic acid, quercetin-3- rutinoside, quercetin-3-galactoside, quercetin-3-pentoside, quercetin-3-arabinoside, and quercetin-3-rhamnoside (Fig. 2). However, in our study (data not published), anthocyanins were also detected in the Black walnut at 80.62 μg/g when extracted with 50:50 water:methanol. Caffeoylquinic acid and quercetin are powerful phenolic compounds that have been linked to protect against several types of conditions, including, CVDs,[43] cancer,[44] Alzheimer’s,[45] gastric disorders,[46] hyperglycemia,[47] and dyslipidemia.[48] To the best of the authors’ knowledge, the only report on anthocyanins present in English walnut (27.10 γg/g) was provided by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) database,[49] but the extraction methods were not cited.

  16. I own a black walnut plantation of 2500 trees. We bought the property because we love the vast rows of trees, especially as the sun sets through them. We really have no idea about black walnut in particular… One of my friends owns a much smaller property and has an infestation of ticks, but we do not, so I wondered why I have a vast forest virtually tick free, and he has an infestation of ticks. I know, there could be a lot of other variables at play here, but I wondered if it may be due to the black walnut trees. I have found on the web that people do use the black walnut tincture for tick control, I would like your thoughts… Thank you all for all of the wonderful information!

    1. I couldn’t find specific information confirming or denying this, but it certainly wouldn’t be a stretch to me. As you said, black walnut extract taken internally is used for parasite control, and we know the root zone of black walnut trees changes the soil composition so that it repels some plants.

  17. I was given some black walnut tincture which still has the nuts in it, it is over a year old. I strained the hulls out but am wondering if this sat for too long to be used. What would you advise?

  18. My husband collected green black walnuts a few months ago. They have been sitting on the kitchen counter and dried up, turned black, and are light as a feather. Can I still make the tincture using these? I was just going to throw them out and get more next year.

  19. I have a huge black walnut tree in my yard. Last year I made a tincture, but my recipe. I took the hull off and soaked the walnuts until the water was completely black. I didn’t have any vodka so I just used water. This time I will have the vodka. Can I still use the walnut or is it the hull that is best for the medicinal usage or both?

  20. Hello.
    I’ve searched for some scientific evidence and looking at some documents I discovered that the highest juglone content in black walnuts is in the second half of July and in August. So, presumably, nut hulls collected in July and August must be the best for the tincture. If you find it interesting, I’d like to share the documents with you, but I don’t know how to attach them here. There are a couple of tables where you can see the data on the juglone content.
    Keep up the good work!

    1. that’s interesting. I imagine there would be some variations due to location and local climate conditions.

      Is there a link you could share, or could you upload to a platform like Google Docs (

      I don’t have a spot for upload directly on the site because of the increasing risks of viruses or malware being embedded in files.

  21. So I am super pumped! I have about 9 trees and have been looking for something better to do with these big green stinky balls then just running them over with my lawn mower!! Lets say I get good at this (to be honest it seems pretty easy), are there any regulations for selling it or when you make it is it really just for your own use? If it really does have all of these wonderful qualities and works for me I would love to share it with my community. So many wonderful qualities!!

    1. If you make any medicinal claims, then things get complicated. There has to be testing and the FDA might get after you. (They seem to love persecuting mom and pop shops.)

      Food regulations vary by state, and there may be additional restrictions on selling alcohol based products.

    2. Black Walnuts make a good addition to a plain cake, or when making candy, like Peanut butter candy without the PB. You can use them in place of any other nut, when baking.
      When you gather them, remove the hulls, this is the green coat around the nut. Then place the nut in a large enough bucket and pour boiling water over the nuts and add about a cup of salt to this water and let them stand all night. Then the following day drain the water from the nuts and I hang mine in a Minnow Seine to air dry and keep the local squirrels and chipmunks from getting to them. They will last a long time, and you can crack them as you need them, for your baking needs.
      If you do decide to crack them all at once, then be sure to keep them in the freezer as they will go rancid if you don’t and all that work of cracking them, will be for nothing.
      Good Luck!!!!
      I have some tincture I am going to start giving to my dog, for Heartworms.

      1. An add-on to my last post.
        I started giving my dog 5 drops of BW tincture in his water. Everytime it goes empty, I add the tincture to the water.
        He had a cough that seemed to be getting worse, and I suspected Heartworms. I don’t know if he has/had heartworms, but… his cough is less, and less often and less frequent too. I give him one drop for every 10 pounds of weight.
        I am also taking BW tincture in my water two times a day, 20 drops. I want to be sure that I have no parasites in me. I do it now about a week on, off 2 days, then back to the 20 a day.
        I had a problem with a bit of diarrhea but that is a lot better now, after starting the BW tincture.
        I can not see any problems with taking this BW tincture and if it makes me feel better all the better for me.
        I plan on making some new, as the tincture I have is a few years old and I would like to refresh it.
        I was thinking about using the tincture I have, straining the old hulls out and adding new ones along with more EverClear, as that is what I used the first time. I figured the higher the alcohol content, the better the tincture when finished.
        Thanks for reading my post y’all.
        Hope some of my information helps others.

        1. Sharon, I harvest & process BW Hull, I strip the hull off the nut with a corn shucker, works really well. I then put the hull on trays & air dry, when dry, I grind them down to a fine powder with a Vitamix. I use a 1/4 pound per gallon in a glass jug. 24 -72 hrs. marination time, shake periodically. I use potato Vodka as it is less harmful to mammals digestive tract. I can’t find Organic potato Vodka yet, unless I can perfect growing it & making it with my still. Wheat, barley & rye are damaging to mammals digestive tract & immunity. I had a etsy account, but they where ripping me off, so I ended it, money laundering, 3 weeks to get my funds.
          Our Wild Organic Walnuts, are grown on pristine lands without any petroleum toxins of any kind in over 50 yrs. We sell BW Powder for $38.00 per lb., quantity discount’s & repeat customers. e-mail is [email protected], cell # 919-608-0981

  22. Black walnut has a high concentration of iodine. Using the tincture for an extended period of time raises the risk of iodine-induced hyperthyroidism. Don’t munch on dried seaweeds, while taking black walnut. Be well.

    1. Although black walnut can have a high level of iodine, if the trees are growing in iodine depleted soils, this is not a guarantee. It’s worth noting for sensitive individuals, but risk is fairly low.

    2. I have seen comments that black walnuts and black mulberries both can contain iodine, but there was no statement about how much to expect from a serving of either food. Where did you see or hear a reference to the relative content?

      Also, I have read that Japanese test subjects who ate 18 grams or more seaweed per day ( I think it was predominantly a variety called “ogo”, not sure of the Latin name) had an increased resistance to various conditions. . Do you know how much usable iodine that works out to be?

      Black Walnut trees do not grow well where I am, but mulberry will. I have held off planting it because it is so invasive, but am ;planning to plant some this year. Am hoping to get an idea of how much mulberry to eat for a reasonable dose of iodine.

  23. I am looking for dried, cut, black walnut hulls, green harvested, organic bulk pounds. Does anyone know where to find them? I just can’t find them anywhere. I don’t want maggots of course!! thanks to anybody

    1. Post free ads on Craigslist locally WANTED Black Walnuts or Black Walnut Hulls.
      A lot of people want someone to come remove all the Walnuts from their yards anyway and will be glad if you want to come by and take them all.
      Search online for Black Walnut Hulls in Bulk Wholesale.
      This place sells Black Walnut Hull in Bulk Wholesale in chunks or in a walnut hull powder flour at

      Do you have an email or site or copy a link to your CL AD for your Dog Parasite Black Walnut products?

      I have been using the Black Walnut capsule 5 days a week to prevent heartworm. My dog has lived her entire life in mosquito Florida without any heartworm medication, just black walnut capsule 5 days a week, and 2 days off and actually she had a full panel blood test at the vet 1 month ago, and she was negative for heartworm, and negative for everything.

      If you want, post a Craigslist Ad under Community under Pets or Craigslist under Services under Pets, with your ad for your Black Walnut, Clove, Wormwood parasite supplement and copy and paste the link here and that way pet lovers can find your contact info on your Craigslist ad so they can contact you about your product.

      Thanks for sharing.

  24. Yes I was searching and I had bought some OnlyNaturalPet HW Protect 4oz with black walnut extract in it to prevent and kill heartworms.

    Then I found this info……(see video below)

    “My dog Gypsy was diagnosed with the worst case of heartworms the vet had ever seen and the vet wanted to kill her.

    Gypsy was a rescue dog. She was coughing, couldn’t eat and her chest & stomach swelled up due to massive heartworm infection. Gypsy was dying from heartworm infestation.
    We took Gypsy home from the vet to figure out how to save her life, as the vet was not interested in saving Gypsy.

    I researched this Black Walnut supplement heartworm treatment plan as an old southern technique used in the past by naturally trained veterinarians to kill heartworms in dogs successfully.

    Heartworms have always been rampant in the south, and walnuts are in massive supply in the south.

    by Tammy Skinner Pugh
    Published on Dec 29, 2016

    MEDIUM to LARGE DOGS Black Walnut capsule supplement twice a day for 5 days. Skip 2 days then repeat.

    After a month and some improvement, lower dose to one Black Walnut a day for 5 days, skip 2 then repeat. Continue to give for the rest of dogs life. Can also be used as a preventive measure to keep your dog from ever getting Heartworms in the first place. Same dose.

    SMALL DOGS….. I have been trying to find something for smaller dogs. I have 2 10lbs dogs. I’m not sure about giving them a whole black walnut capsule so I found a liquid black walnut. I’m sure you can get liquid black walnut anywhere but since I have used this company before for my dog Bandit.. …

    I decided to try their black walnut liquid. It’s called BlackLeaf Tincture for Pets. It’s $27.00 a bottle but at a few drops a day will last a long time. Just wanted to share what I’m using. You can use any black walnut extract supplement.

    This works.

    1. I have been making a product myself for my dogs for literally 20 years. I made my product for my dog’s back strength and decided to add in some black walnut hull, clove, and wormwood. I combined it with some other ingredients. After 5-6 weeks, my dogs started passing parasites. One dog expelled about 40-50 bots (we still don’t know what they are- the vet tech could not identify them either) and the other dog passed a snarl of heart worm by throwing it up on my shoe while I worked at my desk. Natural products really work. Don’t be afraid to try these things on your dogs. Both of my dogs went on to live to be 18.5 and 17.5 years old in good health. Anyone can contact me for my product if they want if it’s allowed thru this site.

      1. Hi Clara I would love to know or even get some of your product you make for your dogs ..The mixture of black wallnut hull, clove, woodworm ect That was a post that you posted April 20 th 2019 heers Jan

      2. I would love to have your recipe for the dogs!! I am going to make a BW/clove/wormwood tincture with organic vodka, but don’t know if I make the BW & vodka first then add the rest? Or all at once together?? Also, a friend said adding orange peels helps the flavor?? I want this for my human parasite cleanse. If you can help guide me I would be soooo grateful!!! Bless you.

  25. I have been taking Dr Clark’s green black walnut oil for the last 5 days but so far nothing? I took a teaspoon on the first day but no reaction at all. I’m still constipated and I’m not seeing any parasites in my stools? Usually I’m very sensitive to supplements and feel a difference straight away. Hate to say it but looks like another waste of time and money 🙁

    1. Please keep in mind that this is for general information only and not implied to diagnose or treat any illness, per FDA guidelines, but if you can’t take a good dump, how can you pass what you want to get out of your system? It seems like it might be a good idea to work on getting things moving first, and then parasite treatment, if needed, second. The post “What’s a Healthy Bowel Movement?” has some tips for getting the plumbing in working order. Many medications cause constipation, as do some supplements, so that would be something to check, too.

      Are you sure you have parasites? I know that many health related sites say everyone has parasites and needs to do a parasite cleanse, but whenever I see phrases like “everyone”, it raises a red flag for me. If you think you have parasites, getting a stool sample tested to confirm seems to be a reasonable course of action.

    2. I used to have the same problem with constipation and could not get enough fiber down without bumping up my carb intake. I started using a fiber powder several years ago and no longer have that problem.

    3. A lack of enzymes can cause constipation. this would be enzymes your body produces and enzymes that are present in the food we eat. Typically raw foods will contain more enzymes than cooked food, since heat can break enzymes down. Fermentation can increase the amount of enzymes up to a point.
      We are usually born with a good supply of enzymes. Illness or toxins can overtax the normal natural production of enzymes. Increasing age is often correlated with a diminished natural supply of enzymes, and as we age, we tend to a higher incidence of constipation as a result. Increasing fiber can increase the amount of fluid in our food as it moves through our digestive tract, but there a corresponding loss of nttrients to work with, and a greater risk of degeneration due to that lack of nutrition required to regenerate our bodies and eep them vigorous and healthy.

    4. Hi Tony, it seems your doing it wrongly that’s why your not seeing any results. Dr Clark stated to take the 3 herbs mentioned below together not the walnut oil you mentioned taken. The below is what she stated in her “The Cure For All Diseases as follows:-
      ■■■Parasite Cleanse by Dr. Hulda Clark■■■ She said These three (3) herbs must be used together during cleansing program:
      1) Black walnut hull: tincture
      2) wormwood: kill adults and developmental stages of at least 100 parasites.
      3) Cloves: kill the eggs.
      Only if you use the 3 herbs together will you rid yourself of parasites.
      ■ Dr Clark said; If you kill only the adults, the tiny stages and eggs will soon grow into new adults. If you kill only the eggs, the million stages already loose in your body will soon grow into adults and make more eggs. This is why ALL 3 HERBS; black walnut hull & wormwood & cloves must be used together as a single treatment.■

      ■■What you need as per Dr Clark for 18 to 21 Days Parasite Cleanse:
      apart from her book, info here is from this web link for extra guide:
      A) One 30 ml bottle of pale green ?Black Walnut Hull Tincture Extra Strength. This is 1 ounce, or six teaspoons, enough for three weeks if you are not very ill.
      •••Black Walnut Hull Tincture Extra Strength (Take in Mornings)
      Day 1: Take one drop. Put it in ½ cup of water. Sip it on an empty stomach such as before a meal.
      Day 2: Take 2 drops in ½ cup water same as above.
      Day 3: Take 3 drops in ½ cup water same as above.
      Day 4: Take 4 drops in ½ cup water same as above.
      Day 5: Take 5 drops in ½ cup water same as above.
      Day 6: Take 2 tsp., all together in ¼ cup water.
      Sip it, don’t gulp it. Get it down within 15 minutes.
      (If you are over 150 pounds, take 2½ tsp. Do not take more than 3 tsp. because no additional value has been observed.)
      This dose kills any remaining stages throughout the body, including the bowel contents, a location unreachable by electric current. The alcohol in the tincture can make you slightly woozy for several minutes. Simply stay seated until you are comfortable again. You may put the tincture in lukewarm water to help evaporate some of the alcohol, but do not use hot water because that may damage its parasiticide power.
      ●After your cleansing program she advised For a year: take 2 tsp. Black Walnut Hull Tincture Extra Strength once a week. This is to kill any parasite stages you pick up from your family, friends, or pets.●

      B) One bottle of Wormwood capsules (each capsule with 200-300 mg of wormwood) or ½ cup of Artemisia leaves gathered from a friendly neighbor’s shrub.
      •••Wormwood capsules (should contain 200-300 mg of wormwood)
      (Take in Evenings Before Supper)
      Day 1: Take 1 capsule before supper (with water).
      Day 2: Take 1 capsule before supper.
      Day 3: Take 2 capsules before supper.
      Day 4: Take 2 capsules before supper.
      Continue increasing in this way to day 14, where upon you are up to seven capsules. You take the capsules all in a single dose (you may take a few at a time until they are all gone). Then you do 2 more days of 7 capsules each. After this, you take 7 capsules once a week forever, as it states in the Maintenance Parasite Program.
      (What Dr Clark means precisely in continuation after Day4 dosage is in Day5&6 take 3Capsule b4 supper/ Day7&8 take 4Capsules b4 supper/ Day9&10 take 5Capsules b4 supper/ Day11&12 take 6Capsules b4 supper/ Day13&14 take 7Capsules b4 supper/ Day15&16 take 7Capsules/ Day17 take 7Capsules Once A Week.
      She encouraged not to be interrupted before the 6th day, to ensure the adult intestinal flukes are dead. After this, you may proceed more slowly if you wish. Many persons with sensitive stomachs prefer to stay longer on each dose instead of increasing according to this schedule. You may choose the pace after the sixth day

      C) One bottle of freshly ground Cloves (each capsule with 400-500 mg cloves), or ¼ cup bulk powdered cloves.
      (Taken 3x a day until Day10 depending how many day you choose for your cleansing.
      •••You may be able to purchase fresh ground cloves that are already encapsulated; they should be about 500 mg. Grocery store ground cloves do not work! Buy it whole and Grind them yourself.
      Day 1: Take one capsule 3 times a day before meals.
      Day 2: Take two capsules 3 times a day.
      Days 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10: Take three capsules 3 times a day.
      After day 10: Take 3 capsules all together once a week forever, as in the Maintenance Parasite Program.
      CLEANSE, once a week take:
      • 2 tsp black walnut tincture
      • 7 wormwood capsules
      • 3 cloves capsules
      ~ Tips on taking pills~
      Whenever taking capsules or pills, have a bit of bread within reach. If a pill should stick, swallow some bread. Bread pushes the pill along its way, so you are comfortable again. Never take a handful of pills together. They may clump together and give you lots of discomfort. Take them one at a time.

      I tried it and it worked and now maintain weekly cleansing stated.

  26. Made my tincture because thought I had some parasites. Took 10 to 20 drops for 2 weeks. Found worm looking stuff in my stool. Started having lower abdomen cramps. Stopped taking & cramps quit. Starting again with smaller dosage next week.

    1. I used my tincture on spider veins on my legs. The veins have become smaller and less noticeable!

      I also used it on a spider bite. The sore healed in two days!

    1. Black walnut can be used as a natural dewormer, but in large doses may cause vomiting, diarrhea and gastritis. Dogs should not be allowed to eat the fallen nuts, especially the ones that are molding and turning black. (I know some dogs will eat anything.) Enough mold/fungus in a spoiled nut and it can act as a neurotoxin. Moldy nut ingestion may cause tremors and seizures.

      It’s probably best to double check with your veterinarian, especially if you dog has other health issues.



      How to dose black walnut tincture: Use regular strength only – start slow over a couple of days by working up to one drop per 10 lbs body weight daily.

      If your dog needs a dewormer, then their overall health and environment needs to be addressed to find out where and how they are getting the worms, in addition to treatment for the condition.

  27. In one of your previous posts you mentioned nuts from different trees may have different potencies. How or where can you get hulls/nuts tested? This year is an off year for black walnuts in my area. I have two trees on my property and harvested less than 30 nuts total, so I have had to secure black walnuts elsewhere.

    1. If you could find a lab that would do testing and not charge an arm and a leg, I’d love to hear about it. Many (most?) labs are very specific with the tests they run and businesses they work with and are not open to random materials testing.

  28. Starting around August to early September check on Craigs List under “free” or “free walnuts”. There should be multiple offeringsfo black walnuts. You will probably have to pick them up from under the tree, but you’ll get some.

  29. Any chance I could make the tincture out of dried powdered hulls?Don’t have any trees around here unfortunately. Trying to make a few tinctures for my hashimotos.
    Thank you.

  30. Can I inject a very small amount with a needle under my skin (mixed with boiled and clean water)?
    Its under my skin and not bowel.
    I often feel them suddenly moving and I cant stand it anymore.

  31. I’m just wondering what is the difference between making your own tincture and the ones you buy in the health food shops? I’ve tried the ones in the healthfood shops before and haven’t seen a great result. So wondering how making one is going to be different?

    1. Herbal supplements may or my not be tested for purity and/or specific levels of active ingredients, so there can be a fair amount of variation. They’re made from plant material, and no two plants are exactly alike or growing in exactly the same conditions. Also, each person is different, so again, what works for one person may not work for another. If you make your own walnut tincture, you know for sure what’s in it, and how strong it is. That said, you may or may not see the results you want. I can’t specifically guarantee anything.

  32. Hi there, I was wondering if you use it everyday and how long have you been using it for? I heard it could cause liver and kidney failure if you take it for long periods of time. So I was just wondering what your regimen was

    1. At higher doses (500 mg – 1000 mg of powdered hull in capsule form), I’ve seen recommendations that suggest limiting the dosing period to 6 weeks. It’s also contraindicated if you are nursing or pregnant. I haven’t seen any dosing limitations suggested for modest use of homemade tincture. I’ve been adding about a teaspoon to my morning lemon water.

  33. So my first time making it this year. I gathered a bunch of green balls that were on the ground around the tree. Washed and dried them, then put them in a tall jar. I squeezed a half a lemon into a bowl then poured it in, and poured half a bottle of organic vodka (of what I had left) and the rest of it I filled up with Absolute Vanilla vodka. (I made a really big jar of it!). Then I poured about one fourth cup of sunflower seed oil on top. I covered the top of the jar with parchment paper that you use for baking with, and then sealed the lid over it. I placed it on the counter in a dark area and covered it with a thick green tea-towel so the light doesn’t get to it. Then I would just twist the bottle back and forth a few times every once in a while as it sat there for 6 weeks. I couldn’t shake it, it’s too big.

    So finally November 12 was the day I was to open it. I did, and I forgot everything I read about this medicine. I poured it into a bowl that had a sieve and some cheesecloth on it. Then I poured that into a black bottle and corked it, put it in the fridge. But I still had a lot left so I put some into a regular glass jar and stuck that in the fridge. But before I put it in my dropper, I was excited about my first time making this and wanted to taste it. So I poured some into a shot glass, half a shot glass full, and drank it, because I’m thinking this is just vodka, and I’m use to vodka. Upon first ingestion it tasted nice because of the lemon juice and vanilla flavors. But right away I noticed the aftertaste was really strong, and I knew it was the black walnut chemicals. It was like really biting my entire esophagus and throat, tongue and mouth. I’m thinking wow, this is some strange medicine. Then as I was cleaning I started sweating. And that’s when I remembered, oh-oh, I’m suppose to only use a few drops from a dropper, not an entire half a shot glass full. So I thought ok, I’ll just let it work on me. But I began to feel awful. So I went and lay down on the bed. But this medicine is totally SO powerful, I just couldn’t handle it. I went to the washroom and got sick. That’s when I got scared of it. But I figured, hey, I made a mistake.

    Just use a few drops in water every day and it will be fine. So I put some into a brown glass dropper bottle and have been putting two to four drops in every glass of water I drink. It’s very diluted so it doesn’t taste like medicine, except when I first drink it after I’ve stirred it in. But the thing is, I’m glad I started off really strong, because now I know why sometimes I get hot feelings and a light sweat. This stuff is SO powerful that only a few drops used every day in every glass of water I drink, makes my body to shift from hot to normal. I know it’s working because of that. I use it because I smoke cigarettes and three of my female family members died of breast cancer, so I heard this stuff has a lot of good in it, and it tastes just like 35% hydrogen peroxide (when I downed it the first time) so I know it will help keep my body clean and healthy.

    I stopped by here looking to see if I”m suppose to rest from taking the drops after two weeks, which I’ve just came up to, and I wondered if I’m suppose to stop taking the drops for a week, because I think I read that somewhere. But I guess not, because it seems I’m only taking a few drops throughout the day, and this black walnut medicine seems to have all the anti-illness things in it, so I suppose I’ll just keep dropping it into my water daily. You get used to it. It’s nice. I feel better already. More energy, deeper breathing. Nicer skin.

    1. Belialith and Laurie

      Hear is the deal on Black Walnut. Yes it is powerful but not ever going to kill you unless you drink gallons at a time. 28 years of use for me.
      What you probably experienced is a condition called a Herxheimer reaction which is simply put a die off of pathegens, parasites, bacteria, fungus, virus etc. BW is a general cure all for many health issues. Who knows what diseases are harbored inside of various people.
      You should get the book, the Cure For All Diseases by Hulda Clark, She told it all in the books, (trilogy of them). Follow the regimen she outlines in the book and you will be safe.
      At my sickest point in 1992 I was experiencing just about every known malady to mankind. Doctors could not make a diagnosis so left to me own resources which were limited at the time, I did lots of experimenting with various pharmaceuticals and later on natural medicine. BW turned out to the solution and I have never returned to conventional medicine in the last 25 years. If you are not taking cloves and wormwood, you need to complete the program with those items.
      There are lots of natural options and to maintain your optimum health so you be your own judge of each natural remedy. In the bible it states Physician Health Thyself. You are the physician so only you know the benefits. Listen to your body because it is telling you everything you need to know. Visit a doctor and get your blood work done to make sure you are in reasonable brackets. Adjust accordingly. You should cycle the use off and on taking breaks until you restore your health to normal whatever makes you feel good.

      1. The Cure For All Disease was the main reference I used to pursue my detox while I was struggling with a long term degenerative condition. If you are serious about cleaning up your body, including your liver, blood, kidneys and large intestines, the herbal regimen in the book will quite gently work you up to being able to pry those parasites out with a minimum of Herksheimers-type contortions.

        My (fiance-at-the-time) husband and I buddied up to help each other stick with the full regimen, which took several weeks, starting, as I recall with a gentle series of herbal teas to strengthen and clean out our kidneys, progressing through prepping the large intestines with a daily series of herbs at mealtimes a brief fast and then a liver flush that eased the overnight departure of (Dr. Clark recommended counting the bile stones that emerge to assess how complete the cleanse is) the 2,000 bile stones encasing the parasites that Dr. Clark considered a pretty complete clean out. She recommends eating lightly the next day.

        Having been chronically ill and just barely able to hold down a job for years, I was absolutely determined to clean up, and also had adopted an organic diet. I learned early to avoid processed foods loaded with preservatives that are a gateway for parasites. They flourish on preservative-laced undigested food. They don’t do well in a non-toxic gut that has a naturally normal pH. We repeated the liver flushes (avoid doing this simultaneously as a team if you only have one toilet, sharing may not work out during a liver flush) and I released a few more, but the the first one was a resounding success for me. Dr. Clark recommends an annual repeat of the cleanse, particularly if symptoms linger. Since that first experience and on a sensible, non-toxic organic diet, my pot belly and excess fat have gone away and stayed away, I have a lot more vigor, and when the opportunity came to pursue a heavy metal detox regimen, the remaining symptoms of degenerative toxicity faded away.

        We also regularly make a routine of using Dr. Clark’s zapper, which will help keep the circulatory system clear of parasites as a further organ support and an aid to simplifying the liver flush phase of parasite management. A one-shot approach to parasites is a short term, dramatic and maybe not so lasting an experience. In my experience, correcting allopathy impaired gut flora and body chemistry through a sensible diet, eliminating common influences that led to parasite infestation and so much misery; and some focused attention on clean up periodically have resulted in good health that left the need for allopathic medicine behind me.

        I began to make home culture ( using live culture, not powdered cultured) kefir to protect and heal my leaky gut. It has been so much easier to pursue an independent homestead lifestyle. I recovered the brain power and physical stamina to pursue many interests that were simply not possible dragging chronic illness around with me. We came equipped with intestines for a reason, and the operator’s manual still resides in traditional diet and herbal knowledge. This has been the key to navigating a life-affirming road.

        1. Wow! What an amazing story! Congratulations! Could you please tell me about this Dr. Clark book and regimen? After a hiatal hernia repair in 2016, in one month I lost 80 pounds. Since my blood work stayed in the normal range, no doctor would tell me why I lost all that weight.

          At 5’10” at that time and 180 pounds, i went down to 100 pounds. I have never since been able to regain any significant amount of weight. It also meant that i lost nearly all my muscle mass, leaving me weak and frail to this day. Because of collapsed vertabraes in my back, I’m down to 5’7″, but i still only weigh 102 pounds.

          I’m hoping to clear my entire system of any and all pathogens possible. I already eat whole foods, no processed or garbage, grow and can/freeze and don’t drink sodas or other garbage. I’ll need to address healing my gut lining. Already have a handle on the SIBO with regular use of diatomaceous earth.

          Anyone have further suggestions? I feel i need to clean everything and start with a clean slate. I need to absorb nutrients and gain muscle mass. Hard to do at 68! Any and all comments/help appreciated.

          I just made my first batch of btw tincture 2 days ago. I only used 4 hulls in the quart jar of 80 proof vodka. Think that is enough.

          I’ve got a whole cart full of the things but they’ve been sitting for well over a week. Is that bad? I only used the green ones but they are starting to spot toward yellow with black spots. I didn’t see any crawlies in the ones I used though. Thank you everyone!

        2. Hi Sandy,
          Thanks for sharing. What zapper did you get? I am very interested in that. I know there are many knock off’s and it sounds like you have been happy with the one you have. I would love to know more.

          1. Sorry for the delay in reply, Sharon! My husband did most of the research on Dr. Clarke’s zapper, and I asked him to review what he did. He was very impressed with Dr. Clarke’s expertise and persistence in researching and publicizing her insights and case studies. We bought her book “The Cure for All Disease” If you are having difficulty finding a copy to buy, it is possible to find free pdf versions of this book, and some of her other published works. Dr. Clarke included a list created by her son, an engineer, of all the electronic components required to create the zapper effect. Because the FDA has interpreted the manufacture and marketing of zappers as practicing medicine without a license, it is now illegal to do so in the U.S. In the intervening years since we researched Dr. Clarke’s zapper, the concept of electronic pulse devices has caught hold with electronic buffs. This is not a regulated field,and some zappers are thought to cause harm. The version you are looking for is one that propagates a pulsing square wave with positive offset DC (Direct Current) output. The zapper will need a housing to protect it from damage. Dr. Clarke suggested a cardboard shoe box, but my husband found that by using a pre-punched prototype mounting board the the components fit very neatly in the little plastic boxes that are used to house electric outlets. In my husband’s opinion, this company sells a kit that is easy to assemble at home and follows Dr. Clarke’s protocols:, An electronics hobbyist might spend the time to shop electronics supply houses for the components and save quite a bit of the cost. My opinion is that if parasites and infections are fogging your brain and sapping your energy, this kit will be worth the time saved to alleviate your misery. Once you have your zapper, you will attach a 9 volt battery to it and follow the schedule Dr. Clarke established for a cycle of 3 treatments that will last 61 minutes in total. We have found that it is easy to get distracted and forget to watch the clock unless we stay in one spot. Watching a movie or podcast together helps keep ourselves on track. If you have already read Dr. Clarke’s book, you will already be aware that the zapper will work on parasites in your bloodstream and in your less dense organs. To achieve the most comprehensive detox, your best success will come from using your zapper regularly and the complete herbal cleanse regimen initially, then periodically or whenever you feel like your body is starting to lag. This device was of great help to me, and I hope you ind it advances you to optimal health!

  34. I made a tincture with the instructions above but forgot about it in my closet (never shook it) it was about 3 months ago. Is it still usable?

    1. To Sandy and others: A few years ago, I used apple cider vinegar in the way described for tincture, using dried walnuts hulls–still on the walnuts, and peeled off. I think it worked well for those who want to avoid alcohol.
      Thanks, everybody for additional helpful information. For a couple of weeks I had been trying to get the hulls dry ON the walnuts, which I’d been given. Some are now molding.

      1. If you want to get the hulls dry they would need to be exposed to the sun in warm weather in a single layer on a hard surface like a patio, driveway or table. Put out plenty of nut as you may lose a few to the squirrels. Another option would be some time in a food dehydrator. I don’t know what the time required would be on that since I do not own one. Are you drying them to make your tincture at a later date?

        Yes leaving the hulls on too long will make the nuts stronger tasting. I generally try to remove them from the nut between the green to yellow stage.

      2. Hi AU,
        I love that you used apple cider vinegar. I will try that. In fact, I may start using that instead of vodka. I used the black walnut powder with 80% Vodka. I like the idea of ACV so much better. I wonder if it would be as potent with the ACV. If you have input on that I would love to hear it. Never quite sure if it turned out the way it should have. The powder as Laurie mentioned is hard to filter out. Love to hear if anyone else has used it.

        1. A friend of mine who kept a flock of dairy goats suggested milk filters (the brand I used is “Milk Vet”. they were available at a farm supply store.) to filter rendered fat. They worked great, and unless you want that powder in your tincture for therapeutic reasons, they would probably work as well or better , being a water based solution.

  35. What color should the tincture be? I used fresh hulls with 100 proof vodka and it’s turning a really dark color within the first 24 hours. I still have 6 weeks to go! Perhaps I did something wrong? Input please.

  36. Laurie,

    Just a sidenote: trappers have been using walnut husks for a very long time to “stain” their traps. Walnuts have a very long and varied history.

  37. Why are most of us fat, Besides the GMO”S etc? I think that the main issue concerning black walnut husk or hull is it’s ability to control the thyroid gland. Look it up. Iodine deficiency is epidemic world wide and it is the Iodine in the husks that turns black. Metabolism, weight gain, energy levels? Depression, headaches, dry skin? Black walnut has the largest amount of NATURAL iodine which is what controls the thyroid gland. I am taking the tincture daily and have noticed a spike in energy levels and weight loss without doing anything but taking the tincture I made from my own trees in the back of my yard. I am not endorsing a company, I think we all need to examine the Kennedy assassination film again, and look at the people standing on the sidewalk and ask ourselves “why were all those people thin?” 96% of people world wide are iodine deficient, that means you. make a friend with a tree for fresh hulls, and at least try it.

    1. Joe – if you don’t mind my asking, how long have you been taking it and how much are you using? There’s a ton of bromine in soft drinks and grain products now. (Grains used to be iodized, now they’re bromated. Soft drinks and other foods use bromated vegetable oil.) I think this is yet another factor in people getting not enough iodine and too much bromine.

      1. Goldenrod tea from the leaves. Brew in a strong tea and add a gallon to bath tub water to soak helps for psoriasis. Also goldenrod flower tincture …10 drop in water 3 x a day seems to help too from the inside. Made this for a friend who has it layers and layers thick and gave him lots of relief. Hope that helps.

    2. I read a few years ago, and can’t remember where right now, that the Midwest is blessed to have two sources of food-sourced iodine, black walnut and black mulberry. And further bless them, they taste pretty good! The article didn’t state how much needs to be consumed to get ample iodine. I would like to know how much would be the equivalent of the 18 grams of seaweeds daily the Japanese who survived nuclear bombing were said to be eating.

      1. It’s impossible to tell how much iodine would be in any given tincture without lab testing, because it would vary based on the iodine in the hulls, which would vary based on the soil iodine.

    3. Thank you for sharing this ihave the same problems and i have walnut trees could you share how you make this tiinture

    4. How is the weight loss? I have been on meds for my thyroid for over 20 years and still have trouble losing any weight

    5. Great info. I would love to know how much you are taking and how you made it. I don’t have a tree and so I ordered it and it was like ground black hulls. I added some to a jar and filled the rest with vodka. Not sure how much to take though.

  38. I have successfully used Black Walnut tincture along the wormwood and cloves (Hulda Clarks book) for curing lots of health issues. Parasites, fungal infections, skin cancer on my face etc. I use this as a therapy and prevention. An interesting find was a friend was bitten by a brown recluse spider on his index finger. Being stubborn and not wanting to visit a doctor (due to the typical surgery method of removing dead skin and infection) he came to me and ask for a solution. This was seven days into the infection and the finger was badly swollen and had necrotizing skin. As a therapy I suggested we use a cotton ball soaked in Black walnut held in place over the wound with plain surgical tape. Two days the necrotizing skin was healing and in one week the wound was gone with no scarring. Black walnut tincture changed my life and literally saved me from death due to a significant parasitic infection which was never detected in test despite me telling the docs that I had coughed up a worm. They never believed me but I am well now for 25 years and better than ever.

    1. Black walnut, clove, and wormwood are the ‘sacred triad’ against any parasitic invasions and personally I believe that ‘psoriasis’ is simply ‘parasites’. Somehow the medical establishment has hijacked our health and uses different names for these symptoms but they all stem from foreign invaders, ie: Parasites!

      Are we really so delicate in nature that we cannot imagine our bodies have things crawling inside and outside of us? This is of paramount importance!! Spread the word because our govt. and the CDC do not want us to know this. The rest of the world communicates the need for parasite control, indeed, parasites are an epidemic.

      Use the black walnut, clove and wormwood add, Goldenseal or Oregon grape root, Turkey rhubarb root, Neem leef powder and many others, brewed into a strong tea, add some psyllium seed to make a nice jelly and use as a shower scrub works miracles! I will post my bentonite clay mixture later today, we’ve been battling these skin parasites for two years and have learned that the PH of our bodies is of tantamount importance. We are slowly raising ours and are slowly getting better. Thanks and much love to you all, Kate

      1. Hi Kate, thanks for the great info. What others would you add to the tonic? Do you find the BW and G
        I truly believe what you are saying, it makes perfect that we are all part of the world’s plentiful critters.
        We share it and live in it. I think when they find a host that is weakened it hops on. Some cause harm
        and I want to rid my body of the harmful bugs.

    2. Hi John,
      You seem to have many years of knowledge of use of black walnut husk. I’m wondering if you know of where I can buy a recipe, and use book for black walnuts for medicinal purposes that is accurate?
      I have two quarts of black walnut (green) husk soaking in everclear right now. (Been about 2 or 3 weeks now), But don’t know of how to properly use it. If you have any good source i sur would appreciate you pointing me in the right direction!
      Thank you Sir,

  39. I have a scaly rash on my right calf and nothing seems to lessen or cure it. I saw a dermatologist years ago who said he did not know what it was. My guess is that it is a plaque psoriasis. I have two black walnut trees in my yard I planted 30 years ago. Yesterday I took a green nut I had squashed with my riding mower and rubbed it on a test spot on my leg twice. Today the spot was less red and the skin a bit softer and less scaly. I am planning to make some tincture and treat the area for a couple of weeks. Do you know of using black walnut tincture on psoriasis? Juglin is a powerful substance and I’m hoping it will work on helping to reduce or clear it up. I purchased a nutcracker a couple of years ago and love eating the nuts and using them in recipes.

      1. I love Black Walnut Tincture. I used to get Dr. Christopher’s and then they changed it and it wasn’t as powerful and tasted weird. I was so disappointed. After reading this site I ordered some and added vodka and I think it turned out okay. I really like it. I wonder if the taste is different with each batch? I would love feedback. I love its healing properties. I love hearing the different uses people are sharing.
        Does anyone add the Black Walnut to Wormwood?
        Thank you,

      1. I have been trying to steer clear of alcohol that might have been made with gmo ingredients, or foods that are likely to have been treated with RoundUp, ex. corn or wheat, due to the inflammation issues. There is, or was at one time, a certified organic vodka whose price reflected that. Can you recommend a brand, or pointers onwhat to look for on the labels?

        1. For better or worse, I am not a vodka expert. I’d ask your local liquor store (not a big box store) about obtaining organic vodka. In our area, there are some family run liquor stores that have been in business for decades, and they have the experience to source just about anything you need.

        2. I like the Finnish ”Koskenkorva” and the Swedish ”Absolut Vodka” – Koskenkorva preferred.
          They can not be GMO – not possible and they are so famous you could find the companies and call and ask them.

        3. Every single thing we have in America, on any shelf in any grocery store is GMO. Even the Pilgrims used GMO with vegetables to yeild better harvests. People fear everything these days without realizing negative media is typically fueled as propaganda buy benefiting companies.

          1. Selective breeding to improve yields is a much different process than selectively injecting genes that we have only begun to understand. My husband worked with some of the leading genome studying scientists in the country, and they compared our current attempts at genetic engineering to trying to thread a needle in the dark while wearing oven mitts. Until recently, over 90% of DNA was referred to as “Junk DNA”, because they thought it had no function. Now they’re realizing that the “junk” does have important functions.

            I highly recommend you do some more research on sites not funded by companies making huge profits from GM foods.

    1. I’m scared. My bottle said take 3 teaspoons daily. I just took that without mixing it in anything. What should I do. I have two little kids and I can’t be sick and leave them alone all day. Please help asap

      1. Your bottle of what?

        Mixing something into something else isn’t likely to change whether or not it will make you sick. If it would be a problem straight, it would be a problem mixed in something.

        If you are talking about a black walnut tincture that you purchased, one would hope that whoever you purchased from would have accurate dosing instructions for whatever they are selling.

        If it’s just black walnut in alcohol, 3 teaspoons should not be a problem.

      2. Did you get sick after taking the dose you described? Did you buy from a reputable dealer/seller or did you make your own?
        We need details to be better able to give any advice.

  40. I wonder if hickory nut hulls would do about the same? We have no walnuts of any kind around here but LOADS of hickory nut trees. The green hull is very thick and stays on the nut after it falls from the tree. Ideas? Heard of any uses?

    1. Hmmm…no hickory nuts nearby, so it’s not something I’ve investigated. A quick search comes up with nothing helpful.

      The Druid’s Garden notes:

      The sap of the Shagbark hickory was used by the Iroquois as a sweetener and, when mixed with bear grease, a bug repellent. Shagbark’s young shoots/leaves were used by the Ojibway for headaches. The Potawatomi boiled the bark and applied it to tender muscles for arthritis pain.

      That’s the only reference I could easily find.

    2. No, hickory hills do not have the same medicinal properties as black walnut hulls, and cannot be used in the same way.

      They can, however, be used for smoking meats and other foods, and are wonderful for that purpose.

      Shagbark hickory bark, extracted into simmering water and then made into a simple syrup, makes a wonderfully unique and complex syrup, which is delicious on pancakes or waffles, or even in cocktails.

      It is quite high in iodine, so the extract might be useful for that purpose.

      1. I’m wondering if you’re referring to Hickory hulls when you say, “It is quite high in iodine, so the extract might be useful for that purpose.” I’ve never heard of Hickory hulls being high in iodine, but don’t doubt it. If you could reply to me and let me know, I’d really appreciate it. Thank you!

  41. I used black walnut extract on a staff infection several years ago but now I have another rash I don’t know what it is and I’m wondering if I can just use the powder and mix it into a paste? I accidentally bought capsules of the powder and was going to return it then I thought maybe I could use them this way, I have a store on Etsy and there’s two people on that sell black walnut ointment

    1. You should probably try to get an ID on the rash before you start treatment so you know what you are treating and can then figure out the most effective treatment options. You could potentially try making a paste, but the powder doesn’t lend itself well to making a paste.

    2. Try healing from outside in using a 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide, a box of typical baking powder, and some epson salts. best used if you can use in a jacuzzi which holds about 6o gallons of water. The jacuzzi mixes the ingredients throughly so I prefer using that bath system. If you dont have one then a regular bath will do. I have used about 12 ounces of the 35% peroxide mixed into the water along with the other ingredients. The water should be warm as you can comfortably stand for about 20 to 30 minutes. I used this to cure small persistent bumps that would emerge after being in the sun. (Not sun poisoning) After 6 baths spaced out 1 week apart the bumps are gone. (Had them for years)…..This is called outside in healing and you may find it works. REcently suggested this to a friend that has shingles and he has not reported back on the results.

    3. I use green black walnut, wormwood, Iodine, chlorine dioxide, castor oil. Nothing else is needed to heal a body.

      1. Brian, will you please give exact directions on how to make, use & the daily dosing of each unless u mix all ingredients together & then how much dosing of the combined ingredients? I appreciate it. Thank you!

  42. Hello, RE: Black Walnut tincture- Has anyone used powdered black walnut to make tincture? I have a wonderful Market that supplies excellent quality bulk herbs. I want to make tincture from the powdered black walnut but can’t find info. I recently ‘rediscovered’ Bentonite clay and was purchasing so much of it from my market that I am now buying it wholesale: They sell food grade as well as industrial quality so pay attention to what you order. Thanks so much for your website and keep up the good work!! Kate

      1. Maybe try decanting the supernatent and leave the powder settled at the bottom. Only concern is if drying the hull would oxidize some of it. I’ve heard of people putting a layer of olive oil on top of fresh tinctures to keep it from turning brown (I suppose if you harvest early enough the tincture is green).

    1. dried black walnut powered does not have the same medicinal properties since it is the process of the green hulls in the vodka extracting the medicinal components.The vodka tincture is stronger and can be more benefical I have always used that.

      1. We harvested the green black walnuts from our property and put he hulls in a far with my friend’s hundred proof alcohol. I’m just now using it on the soles of my feet, hoping it will act as a detox for persistent respiratory problems & the strong meds I’ve been on (that are not working so well). Today is day 1, and I plan to use 2xs today, then once a day for the next 4-6 days.

  43. I was introduced to black walnut when I had a horse run into a post. She had a pretty deep gash. After about three days of just drizzling it on, it formed a scab. In about 2 weeks you’d never have known. So I keep in my cabinet for wound care. It works gteat on cold sores too

      1. Black walnuts are not poisonous to horses if ingested. These myths have so much life but no facts. Black walnut shavings are poisonous as a bedding. But tens of thousands of horse owners use black walnut hull to deworm and it causes no problems. Yet people continue to spread misinformation even though it isn’t supported in any studies.

        1. We always placed the black walnut leaves in with the bedding of our outside dogs when I grew up. The leaves repel fleas!!! I MAKE BLACK WALNUT TINCTURE FOR PARASITES. HAVE YOU EVER ADDED WORMWOOD, CLIVE & ORANGE PEEL TO YOURS TO HELP THE TASTE? IF SO, WHEN DO YOU ADD YOUR ORANGE PEEL & FOR HOW LONG? Thanks so much!!

        2. I use & sell black walnut hull powder, I feed it to all of my birds now, in the past I lost many to blackhead ie black stool from a terminal protozoan. Since I’ve used the BWT for my birds, I’ve lost none, all are healthy & happy Mallard hens ie my mud puppies, my oldest girl is going on 12 yrs. old now. I take it & my dogs get it too, I sell to an Organic dairy farmer in VA. They rave about it, on how fast it cures their cows of scourers & saves their lives. They told me it works better & faster than any pharma toxins. I use 5 to 20 drops in my morning coffee, I use 1-tbsp per gallon of bird water, My Mallards get a Jacuzzi tub with 1-tbsp to a 1/4 C of tincture, depending on time of yr. with ground organic grain. I treat my free range birds everyday, as they pick up pathogens everyday, so why not keep them healthy everyday. Zero negative side effects as you get with big pharma, when you can’t consume eggs for at least two weeks.

      2. Interesting though, we have lived on this property for 20 years with Black Walnut trees over hanging a pasture field. Every year the horses will scratch the hull surfaces with their teeth, taking just a little. I used to panic and try to pick up all the nuts but now I know it does not hurt them, the way they are doing it…Perhaps they know this is a cleansing aid, that will rid them of parasites. Never has any horse gotten sick, nor do they eat more than just a little from the surface…They also march to the back of the field each evening and eat Acorns!

    1. question, why couldn’t I quarter the whole thing and tincture it? I can’t find anything regarding this. is there something in the actual walnut that makes it bad?

      1. I suspect that if people take the time to open the nuts, they probably use the nutmeat. I have seen recipes that use the entire hull with the nut inside. The active compounds we’re looking for are concentrated in the hulls, so that’s why I use the hulls only.

  44. I have several varieties of walnut trees, some have leaves similar to willow leaves, (thin)
    some have ( wide) leaves, both fruits are similar, how can I tell which is English walnut,
    or black walnut? Or, does it matter which one I use?
    I enjoy your newsletters very much,
    Thank You,

    1. The black walnuts have husks that are thick and green, and generally stay on the nuts even after they have fallen. English walnut hulls tend to be a little thinner, and will commonly start to peel off the nut before it drops from the tree. If they are still on after the nut has fallen, they come off very easily. Both have similar medicinal qualities, but black walnut is generally preferred because it has higher amounts of the active components.

    2. If it is a Black Walnut (Junglans Nigra) variety, then your fingers and the wooden cutting board will get all black when you cut pieces off the green hull. This comes off from the fingers after a week or so, so don’t worry. I don’t use gloves, I let it happen.