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  1. Hi there! Just read your article on Plaintain. I knew it was good for skin ailments and actually made an infusion last year. This year, I have so much in my garden that it looks like I planted it there. I wanted to determine other uses before I remove it to make room for vegetables. I now think that I will also transplant some for continued production.

    I would love to be added to your email list, please! Great article!

  2. Laurie I just read your post about the person complaining about your dirty hand in one of the pictures on your website.. Please don’t pay attention to people like that….they are just trolls who explore different websites to complain and criticize people. They are just miserable and unhappy people who only feel good about themselves by hurting someone else. A hundred people can tell you how wonderful your site is and how informative but when that one horrible person writes in to criticize it is so easy to focus on that hurtful feeling. I look forward to getting updates and emails from you. I have tried several of your recipes and I love hearing about your family. You are amazing…. you know so much and you work so hard, Keep up the wonderful emails and posts that you do!!!

    1. Thanks, Patricia.

      I was surprised but not surprised by the comment, as some people display no manners or common sense nowadays. Even though the person was a jerk, it was good to be able to share the comment with people who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and get things done.

  3. Hello, are you still taking subscriptions to receive your planner? I couldn’t get it to work, got a 404 error.

    1. Hi Janelle.

      I’ve signed you up and you should be getting your confirmation email shortly.

      Could you tell me what browser you’re using? We’re trying to troubleshoot why the form is malfunctioning for some readers.

  4. Hello Laurie,

    I found you because of the gardening journal/seedling planner and have been enjoying your site! Looking forward to downloading and using your planner 😉 Please sign me up too! Thanks!

  5. Hello Laurie,
    I wish to subscribe to the lot of interesting stuffs your provide us with but I don’t know how to ! 🙁

  6. I did not see a subscription box, but please sign me up for your newsletters, and I would love a copy of your ebook “Common Sense Homesteading”. Thank you

  7. I freeze peaches and the use them to can pie filling. I UNDERSTAND THAT IS NOT A GOOD THING TO DO. i would like to know why. I usually add the frozen peaches to the thick syrup usuing clear gel. I do let the peaches thaw somewhat .

    1. There are a couple of different issues.

      One – if you freeze the peaches first, then can them, I would expect the texture to get quite soft. Many people prefer firmer pieces of peach.

      The second, and more important issue from a food safety perspective, is the potential for uneven heating. If you’re packing half frozen peaches in a hot syrup, you’re likely to have hot and cold spots in the jar. A cold spot in the wrong spot could also cause a jar to shatter.

      Ideally, you want the contents of any any jar to be evenly heated all the way through, held at the proper temp for the proper amount of time.

      As you’ve no doubt discovered because you’re still here to ask the question, acidic fruit with sugar syrup is forgiving. The acid in the fruit inhibits spoilage, as does the sugar in the syrup. (The sugar binds up free water, which bacteria need to grow.)