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Best Rechargeable AA Batteries (Top Picks)

For straight “price + performance” pick any one of these three best rechargeable AA batteries. Check prices, battery capacity and select the one that has the lowest price. Spoiler alter, we like the Eneloop Pro but it is NOT our top pick.

  1. EBL High Capacity Precharged Ni-MH 2800mah (Best Price)
  2. Amazon Basics AA 2400mAh High Capacity
  3. Ikea Ladda 2450mAh rechargeable aa battery

NOTE: We are trying out the 1.5v EBL AA Ni-Zn 3000mWh rechargeable battery these might end up being our #1. We will keep you posted.

Depending on current prices any one of three 1.2v NiMH rechargeable batteries noted above, are a good pick. In fact ANY of the 8 below are good buys depending on your needs.

best rechargeable AA batteries

It seems like rechargeable batteries more expensive than disposable batteries?

Rechargeable batteries are generally far cheaper than disposable alkaline batteries, even including the charger. Depending on the frequency of use, they can be 2x to 20x less expensive than single use batteries.

Rechargeable batteries are good for people who use more than one AA battery a month. If you use one battery a day, rechargeables will save you a lot of money.

Rechargeable AA and AAA batteries also give you options in an emergency. You can recharge batteries with a small solar panel to keep radios and flashlights working till the power comes back on.

Comparison of Likely "Cost per Use" for AA Disposable vs Rechargeable Batteries
Comparison of likely “Cost per Use” for AA Disposable vs Rechargeable batteries

Best Long Shelf Life Rechargeable AA Batteries

  1. Panasonic Eneloop 2000 mAh can be recharged 2100 times
  2. Tenergy 2000 mAh can be recharged up to 2100 times

Both of these batteries are good Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH). They have lower mAh than the EBL or Amazon or Ikea. Both the Eneloop and Tenergy can be recharged up to 2100 times, which is great if you use more than 20 AA batteries per month.

Even if the recharges are not exactly 2100 times these will charge far more than 1,000 times. The Eneloop and Tenergy are also excellent for storing for long periods and retaining a charge. Both of these batteries are designed to keep up to 85% charge after a year in storage.

Top 9 Rechargeable Battery Comparison Chart

Rechargeable AA Battery (mAh)Rough Capacity (mWh)Max number of times it can be rechargedCost Comparison
(Click links for current prices)
EBL 2800mAh2626mWh to 2874mWh1200
GOOD choice for frequent recharging
Amazon Basics High Capacity 2400mAh2770mWh to 2980mWh400TOP 3 FOR
Energizer Recharge NH15BP-8 Rechargeable AA Batteries, 2300 mAh
(warranty 90 days)
2497mWh to 2940mWh500MODERATE
EBL 1.5v Ni-Zn 3000mWh
NOTE 1.5v (all others are 1.2v)
Duracell 2500mAh Rechargeable AA Batteries
(2-5 years warrant)
2845mWh to 3238mWh400MODERATE
Ikea Ladda 2450mAh rechargeable aa battery
(no warranty listed)
2695mWh to 3281mWh500TOP 3 FOR
LOW COST but does NOT include shipping
Panasonic Eneloop Pro AA 2550mAh
(10 day replacement warranty)
2621mWh to 3300mWh500HIGHEST
Panasonic Eneloop 2,000 mAh
(10 day replacement warranty)
1896mWh to 1990mWh2100 BEST Choice for frequent rechargingMODERATE COST BUT LOWER mAh
Tenergy 2000 mAh
(12 month warranty!)
1791mWh to 1890mWh2100 tied for BEST Choice for frequent rechargingMODERATE COST BUT LOWER mAh
Comparison of Top 8 Rechargeable Batteries

Why didn’t we recommend just one battery?

To put it simply, your needs vary. The electronic devices you are using will determine which battery yous should pick (see above).

NOTE: All the testing is arbitrary. But the info proves these are all comparable batteries, they all ran a fan for 5 to 7 hours they all have decent capacity and reliability.

Basically any of these 8 rechargeable batteries are a good buy. We like the Eneloop Pro but it is overpriced, consider the Ikea instead. At any given time the EBL 2800mAh, Ikea or Amazon Basics 2400mAh High Capacity are the better price-performance option.

A rechargeable AA and AAA battery from these vendors are of equal quality but obviously smaller so these recommendations match for AAA.

NOTE: All of these numbers are subjective. The prices vary, the mWh will vary based on the device, the temperature and other variables. The performance you will experience is based on the electronic device, temperature age of the battery and its quality.

Best Rechargeable AA Batteries for Various Uses

AA Rechargeable Battery UsageRechargeable Battery that matches the usage
Frequent recharges (if you use more than 20 AA batteries per month)* Panasonic Eneloop 2000mAh
* Tenergy 2000 mAh
Game Controllers, Mice, TV remotes and other remote controlsAny
Trail Cameras and other devices that REQUIRE 1.5v AA batteries (note the EBL Ni-Nz is new)Energizer Lithium
or possibly the
EBL Ni-Zn 3000mWh
Best for motorized toys, remotes, flashlights* EBL 2800mAh
* Energizer Recharge NH15BP-8 Rechargeable AA Batteries, 2300 mAh
* Amazon Basics High Capacity 2400mAh
Camera flash, high drain electronics* Ikea Ladda 2450mAh rechargeable aa battery
* Panasonic Eneloop Pro AA 2550mAh
Best for long storage (months or years without use). Low self discharge or high frequency recharges* Panasonic Eneloop 2000mAh
* Tenergy 2000 mAh

Questions and Answers

What does mAh mean?

mAh is an acronym for milliamp hours. I could be thought of the battery size or how much power the battery can store. Bigger is better. Many non-name vendors list falsely inflated mAh ratings. If you divide the mAh by 1000 you have amp hours. A 3500mAh is also 3.5amp hours.

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What does NiMH mean?

NiMH or Ni-MH s an acronym for Nickel Metal Hydride. All the rechargeable AA and AAA batteries we recommend are NiMH. Generally a NiMH battery has a life of 5 years or less, so you will need to replace them periodically but far less than single use batteries.

What does LSD mean for a battery?

LSD stands for Low Self Discharge. This is good if you need batteries that sit on the shelf for long periods to be functional when put into use.

What is the best AA rechargeable for high draw devices?

For high draw devices such as big flashlights, and flash for a camera the Duracell, EBL, Amazon, and Eneloop Pro are good picks.

What is the Best AA rechargeable for low draw devices?

For low raw devices such as: clocks, long term sensors, night lights, and remotes the Duracell, Ikea or Eneloop 2000mAh will do better.

Which AA rechargeable can be charged the most times?

If you are going to be using a LOT of batteries the Eneloop 2000mAh or the EBL 2800mAh are the best picks. The Eneloop and Tenergy can be recharged 2100 times, and the EBL can be charged 1200 times.

Avoid the the Eneloop Pro, Duracell, Energizer or AmazonBasics because all are only 400 to 500 recharges.

Do 1.5v AA rechargeable batteries exist?

Up until recently all readily available rechargeable AA batteries were 1.2 volts. Recently 1.5 volt rechargeable batteries have become available. We are trying out the EBL AA Ni-Zn 3000mWh rechargeable battery. These require a UNIQUE charger. It is very likely an existing charger own will NOT work. Only use the approved charger.

There is another variant that is lithium ION, the EBL LI-ION 1.5v batteries have failed testing so far, we do NOT recommend them. We do NOT recommend either the “red” or the USB version.

Do I need over 1000 charges?

For most people the battery likely will be recharged once per month or 12 times per year. This is considered light use. Over the estimated 5 year life of the battery you need to recharge 60 times. Anything over 60 is good for most people.

However, if you use a battery powered device daily and draw down your batteries you need to charge roughly 250 times per year or about 1250 times over 5 years or 2500 over 10 years. For heavy daily use pick the Tenergy Low Self Discharge or Eneloop 2,000mAh (not the Eneloop Pro).

If it is only every couple of days (or you need more power) the EBL is probably the better pick .

How long do charged AA batteries last?

Some AA rechargeable batteries can store much longer and hold a charge, which is called “low self discharge” (LSD). Some examples include the low self discharge Eneloop 2,000mAh. The Eneloop reports that it will keep 90% of its charge for up to 1 year and 70% charge for up to 10 years.

How long do AA rechargeable batteries last?

Rechargeable AA batteries wont last forever. Based on manufacturer feedback and public testing, rechargeable AA batteries will last 3 to 10 years. The chemicals break down over time even if they are not being used. Either they break down over time, or break down from the 400 to 2100 recharges.

What is the Best AA battery charger?

For USB charging we we recommend is the USB powered Nitecore UMS4 and the Nekteck 28W Solar Charger to provide it USB power when camping or during an emergency.

best rechargeable AA batteries

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