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Free Garden Planning Kit with Excel Templates

Welcome to the Common Sense Gardening!

We hope you enjoy your Common Sense Home Garden Planning Kit customizable Excel Worksheet or printable PDF.

Click here to download the Excel Worksheet version of the Common Sense Home Garden Planning Kit

Common Sense Home Garden Planning Kit

These forms are available in printable PDF here:

You can view an index of all the gardening articles available on the site at

For Mac Users and Those Who Don’t Have Excel

The editable worksheet is in Microsoft Excel format. If you have a Mac, or don’t have Excel, you should still be able to open the files.

For Mac users, check out: How to open Microsoft Excel spreadsheets in Apple Numbers on a Mac

For Mac users who don’t have Apple Numbers, or PC users, you can use Google’s free online spreadsheet editor, Google Sheets. You can access sheets at:

Laurie Neverman

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  1. I value your content highly and will implement many options you offer when I relocate. Please keep me on your list.

  2. This is great information, I am always looking for gardening information and tips. Thanks for all your hard work!

  3. For MAC users, or anyone who is using the FREE Open Source program Open Office instead of Microsoft Excel, you can inform them that the spread sheet will open in that program.

    Thank You for the spread sheet!

      1. Laurie just been looking through that spreadsheet. WOW there is a bit of work that has been put into that. thankyou. once i can get started i will be using it a lot i think. just need to get the drums for the pots as we are living in a rental and the soil here is basically sand and little else. it is very arid country here in central australia. i plan on getting large food grade plastic drums with screw top lids. the lid will be pushed down inside with small holes drilled in it all over the place. in the bottom edge of the drum i will drill a hole for a largish ball cock tap for draining worm farm juice out. around the sides will be holes cut in a similar way to the terracotta herb pots and down the center a tube with about 15mm holes drilled all over the place to put all vegie scraps etc. all this is to cut down water usage and provide good rich soil in a way that if we move we can take it with us

        1. It did take quite a while to assemble all the information. Glad you appreciate it.

          Those will be awfully heavy once full, but it sounds like a worth while experiment. Keep in mind that whatever foliage above ground, a healthy plant needs at least that much room below ground for its root system. So many folks try to cram too much in container plantings and then things don’t flourish and they wonder why.

          1. yes i know they will be heavy once full and i agree but they will be no more excessively heavy (in fact less so) than the pods that some use up here. these are simply the 1000 liter tanks that are often used for detergents etc with the top cut off with the aluminum frame around them to facilitate using a forklift to lift them. i plan to start with 2 of them and build up to about 6 and building a greenhouse again in a way that it is easily moved.