10 Home Remedies for Congestion (Natural Decongestants)

10 Home Remedies for Congestion (Natural Decongestants)

Sinus pain and nasal congestion are common symptoms during cold and flu season. I’ve gathered together several home remedies for congestion to help relieve your stuffy nose and sinus pressure. Why Use Home Remedies for Congestion? I don’t like the side effects of over the counter decongestants (they either make me jittery, knock me out…

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Real Healing Potions

My boys are RPG (role playing game) enthusiasts. The younger generally enjoys giving a good thumping to something that sincerely deserves it or growing things (he is a dirt lover on and off the computer). The elder enjoys designing scenarios, cities, potions – he’s always creating something. Lately, my favorite herb book, the Holistic Herbal,…