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Lumintop EDC01 AAA Flashlight

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practical gift - keychain flashlight

The 120 Lumen LED Lumintop EDC 01  is a great tiny AAA flashlight. This .42oz twist on/off flashlight isn't much bigger than the AAA battery inside it. It is IPX8 water resistance and has 3 modes (High 120 lumens/30 Minutes – Med (Default) 32 lumens/4 hours – Low: 5 Lumens/36 hours) is a tiny powerhouse that we strongly recommend. It is also well rated on the internet. Duncan loves the blue one, in fact I had to order an extra one because the little blue AAA Lumintop was claimed by him. The run time is great and its quite bright, especially if you combine it with a good high mAh rechargeable AAA battery and a AAA battery charger – see our post Best Rechargeable Batteries and Chargers for more info.
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