Herbs and Wildcrafting – Getting to Know Our Plant Allies

We'll explore how to use cultivated herbs and learn wildcrafting with the Weekly Weeder Series to help you identify and use wild plants.

There are a TON of ways to use plants for food, medicine, cleaning, crafts, and more. We help you learn how, easily and safely, with full color photos throughout the site.


Bay Leaf – Fresh or Dry, It’s a Plant with Many Uses

Sage Benefits for Home, Health and Personal Care

Grow Stevia and Make Homemade Stevia Extract

Milk Thistle – The Gentle Liver Tonic Everyone Should Know

How to Infuse Herbs in Oil, Water, Vinegar, Alcohol or Honey

How to Make Homemade Extracts- Vanilla, Lemon and Almond

Herbal Antibiotics – the Top 15 Herbal Antibiotics

The Best Herbs and Spices for Colds and Flus

Herbal Remedies for PMS

Cold and Cough Care Syrup and Tea Recipes

11 Best Medicinal Herbs to Grow (Herb Garden & Wildcrafted)

Cooking with Herbs

Cooking with Herbs – What to Use When

Why do Onions Make You Cry

Wildcrafting – Using Your Weeds

Although not standard “garden” elements, my weeds are also harvested for culinary and medicinal use. The “Weekly Weeder” series provides identification and usage information for many common weeds, plus there are articles on some of my favorite herbal recipes and remedies that are a must for every homesteader.

5 Reasons Why I Want Weeds in My Garden

What if I told you weeds and bacteria could save your life?

Online Botany & Wildcrafting Course at The Herbal Academy

“Real” Healing Potions – Introducing the boys to wildcrafting. medicinal uses of yarrow and plantain

Eating Bugs – Free Food from Your Backyard – Another form of Wildcrafting

Cooking with Weeds – Goosefoot Pie and Sauteed Milkweed Pods

The Pocket Guide to Wild Mushrooms Review

Herbs and Wildcrafting Featuring the Weekly Weeder Series

The Weekly Weeder Series

Recommended Wildcrafting Reference Books – Weekly Weeder #1

Chickweed – Herbal Remedy for Itchy and Inflamed Skin – Weekly Weeder #2

Thistle – Edible from Bud to Root – Weekly Weeder #3

Red Clover – Nitrogen Fixer and Gentle Tonic – Weekly Weeder #4

Chicory – The Coffee Root Plant – Weekly Weeder #5

Queen Anne’s Lace – Butterfly Host Plant and Blueberry Protector – Weekly Weeder #6

Common Ragweed – Bane of Allergy Sufferers – Weekly Weeder #7

Butter and Eggs – Sweet Scented Bumblebee Magnet – Weekly Weeder #8

Goldenrod – Growing, Foraging, Uses, & Control

Marvelous Milkweed – Answers to 21 Common Questions About this Useful Plant – Weekly Weeder #10

Evening Primrose, Oenothera biennis – Weekly Weeder #11

New England Aster – Weekly Weeder #12

Common Mullein – Weekly Weeder #13

Broadleaf Plantain – The “Weed” You Won’t Want to Be Without – Weekly Weeder #14

Shepherd’s Purse – Weekly Weeder #15

Stinging Nettle – One of Most Useful Wild Plants – Weekly Weeder #16

Benefits of Dandelion Plus How to Use Greens, Seeds, Roots & Flowers -Weekly Weeder #17

Ox-eye Daisy – Weekly Weeder #18

Catnip – Uses for People and Cats – Weekly Weeder #19

Winter Cress – Weekly Weeder #20 – Barbarea vulgaris

Lamb's Quarters – Weekly Weeder #21 – Chenopodium album

Wild Geranium – Weekly Weeder #22 – Geranium maculatum

Common Blue Violet – Weekly Weeder #23 – Viola sororia sororia

Prickly Wild Lettuce – Weekly Weeder #24 – Lactuca serriola

Creeping Charlie – Weekly Weeder #25 – Glechoma hederacea

Sulphur Cinquefoil – Weekly Weeder #26 – Potentilla recta

Birdsfoot trefoil – Weekly Weeder #27 – Lotus corniculatus

Purslane – Weekly Weeder #28 – Portulaca oleracea

Pineapple Weed – Weekly Weeder #29 – Matricaria discoidea

Common Burdock – Weekly Weeder #30 – Arctium minus

Common Mallow – Weekly Weeder #31 – Malva neglecta

Curly Dock – Weekly Weeder #32 – Rumex crispus

Jewelweed – Weekly Weeder #33 – Impatiens capensis

Yarrow – The “Plant Doctor” for your Yard and Garden – Weekly Weeder #34

Joe Pye Weed – Weekly Weeder #35 – Eupatorium maculatum

Heath Aster – Weekly Weeder #36 – Aster ericoides

Wild Cucumber – Weekly Weeder #37 – Echinocystis lobata

Velvetleaf – Weekly Weeder #38 – Abutilon theophrasti

Comfrey – Weekly Weeder #40 – Symphytum officinale

Quackgrass – Weekly Weeder #41 – Elymus repens

Dame’s Rocket – Weekly Weeder #42 – Hesperis matronalis

Tansy – Weekly Weeder #43 – Tanacetum vulgare

Wild Strawberry – Weekly Weeder #44 – Fragaria virginiana

Marsh Marigold – Weekly Weeder #45 – Caltha palustris

Canada Mayflower – Weekly Weeder #46 – Maianthemum canadense

Field Pennycress – Weekly Weeder #47 – Thlaspi arvense

Blue-eyed Grass – Weekly Weeder #48 – Sisyrinchium montanum

White Sweet Clover – Weekly Weeder #49 – Melilotus alba

Weekly Weeder at Common Sense Home - drying herbs


Grandma Called it Medicine Leaf – Plantain Weed Remedies

How to Make Salve with Infused Oils


Harvesting and Using Dandelion Roots

Dandelion Jelly – An Easy, Low Sugar  Flower Jelly Recipe

How to Make Dandelion Wine (And the Mistake You Don't Want to Make


Elderberry Health Benefits

How to Make Elderberry Wine

How to Make Elderberry Syrup from Fresh or Dried Berries

Elderberry Jelly Recipes

Not on my site, but a great read – “Weeds: Guardians of the Soil”

I just rediscovered the book “Weeds- Guardians of the Soil” thanks to Phil Nauta, The Smiling Gardener. I had read a page of this book years ago, and wanted to read the rest of it ever since. Thanks, Phil!

Herbs and Wildcrafting Featuring the Weekly Weeder Series

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