Kick the Soda Habit – Brew Your Own Kombucha

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I’ve been brewing my own kombucha at home for over four years now, and I hope I never have to be without it.  This probiotic drink sells for $3 – $4 (or more) in the store, whereas you can brew an entire gallon for just $1 -$2 at home.  It’s great for your digestion, and has helped more than one person kick the soda habit because it is carbonated, can be lightly sweetened if desired and lends itself to a variety of flavors.  In this post I share some kombucha basics that should provide you the information you need to brew your own kombucha. [Read more…]

How to Make Coffee Kombucha

How to Make Coffee Kombucha @ Common Sense Homesteading

Extra scobys rolling around? Want to try a different kombucha flavor?  Looking for a healthier twist on the morning coffee?  How about brewing up some coffee kombucha?

This recipe is from Cultures for Health.  They have a TON of resources and recipes available, including free recipe e-books and troubleshooting tips.

Coffee Kombucha Recipe

Ingredients: [Read more…]

How to Flavor Kombucha – Holiday Flavors

How to Flavor Kombucha - Holiday Flavors - Cranberry Collins

Since I brew my own, I’m always experimenting with different ideas for how to flavor kombucha.  With the holidays upon us, I figured I’d try some favorite holiday ingredients and see if they’d make a tasty brew.

Most of these start with basic kombucha made with black tea, unless otherwise noted.  Flavorings were added to a 16 ounce bail top jar, or a pint or quart mason jar, as noted.  Flavorings are added after the initial brew when the kombucha is bottled. You add the flavorings and fill jar with plain kombucha.  Serve immediately, or store for a few days (sealed) to increase carbonation. [Read more…]

Preserving Strawberries Four Ways – Freezing, Drying, Fruit Leather and Kombucha

Preserving Strawberries Four Ways – Freezing, Drying, Fruit Leather and KombuchaThe boys and I went strawberry picking twice this season, and came home with two trays of berries each time.  To put away some of these beautiful berries to enjoy for the rest of the year, we made two batches of low sugar jam (strawberry and strawberry-banana).  We also used four other methods of preserving strawberries – freezing, drying, making fruit leather and flavoring kombucha.

Preserving Strawberries Four Ways - Freezing, Drying, Fruit Leather and Kombucha

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The SCOBY Cure – Home Remedy for Cradle Cap

The SCOBY Cure - Home Remedy for Cradle Cap @ Common Sense Homesteading

About this time last year, my eldest son was coping with a bad case of cradle cap, i.e., thick, waxy dandruff on his head.  He’s always had very sensitive skin, and I suspect weekly swimming lessons took their toll on his scalp.  I did a bit of research, trying to find out what causes cradle cap.  Mayo Clinic says:

Though the exact cause of cradle cap isn’t known, one contributing factor may be hormones that pass from the mother to the baby before birth. These hormones cause an abnormal production of oil (sebum) in the oil glands and hair follicles.

Another factor may be a yeast (fungus) called malassezia that grows in the sebum along with bacteria. Antifungal treatments, such as ketoconazole, are often effective, supporting the idea that yeast is a contributing factor. [Read more…]