How to Make Wool Dryer Balls

How to Make Wool Dryer Balls to fluff and soften your clothes, reduce drying time and save energy.  Eco-Friendly, non-toxic, can also be used as a soft toy.

This is a guest post by Leigh Dudenhoeffer of Frozen Tundra Fiber Arts.

A lot of people have brought it to my attention that my wool dryer balls are ‘too bouncy’ to be 100% wool. If you were to say this to me in person, I’d invite you to cut one in half and see for yourself. I would also consider it to be a waste of the hard work I put into my dryer balls. The halved ball, on the other hand, I would be able to recycle into new dryer balls.

I don’t like to share anything about my process or the processes my art or craft goes through to get from point a to point b. This time, I will share my process. I find that it’s necessary for a dryer ball to have some bounce in it to bounce its way around the clothes dryer. It’s this bouncing action that is what actually softens the clothes as they’re being propelled around the inside of the clothes dryer.  The balls wedge themselves between the items of clothing, reducing  drying time and saving you money. [Read more…]

6 Things You Can Do to Celebrate Earth Day and Save Some “Green”

6 Things You Can Do to Celebrate Earth Day and Save Some "Green"

Earth Day’s coming up (April 22nd), but I won’t be asking you to save the planet – at least, not all in one fell swoop.  :-)  I’m asking you is to simply take a few minutes to think about things a little differently, to make small changes that add up over time.  I want to empower you to improve your health, and concentrate on those things you can impact directly – your family, friends, neighbors and community.  Celebrate Earth Day the Common Sense way. [Read more…]

Green Home Pest Control Tips

Green Home Pest Control - How to Identify your pests, bug proof your house, and use commercial non-toxic pest control, DIY pest control and food based remedies to eliminate pests.

Green home pest control is something we all need at one point or another.  Let’s face it, no matter how clean your house is or how much you do to keep pests away from your home, you’re almost guaranteed to suffer an invasion eventually. When it happens, you’ll need some pest control solutions to make the problem go away. When you think of controlling pest invasions, some people assume you need nasty chemicals and other poisonous substances to do it. This is not true at all!  You can control pests with green techniques that keep the environment cleaner and your house safer for pets, kids and anyone else.

Let’s go over several green pest control tips that will do an excellent job of getting rid of miniature invaders without tainting your conscience or your home. They’re inexpensive too! [Read more…]