Jul 112014

Getting Started with Home Food Drying - 6 Things You Need to Know Plus a Great List of Resources

Want an easy way to store and preserve food?  Need a food storage method that doesn’t take up much space and requires very little equipment?  Want to make healthier snacks for your family to enjoy at home or on the go?  Looking for portable food for camping or backpacking?  If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you should learn about home food drying.

What Equipment Do I Need to Dehydrate Food at Home? Continue reading »

May 232014

What's causing the food price increases, and what steps you can take to stretch your food dollars in the months to come.

It’s hard to step foot into a grocery store and not notice the rising food prices.  Packages are getting smaller, too, as I’m sure you’ve noticed if you use any older recipes that include any sort of boxed or canned item as a component.  USA Today reported in “Rising Food Prices Pinch Consumers” that, “Retail food prices rose 0.4% in March, the same as in February and the largest amount since September 2011. By comparison, the prices of all consumer goods rose 0.2% in March and 0.1% the month before, reports the Bureau of Labor Statistics.”  Some items have risen over 50% in cost over the last four years.  In this post we’ll look at what’s causing the food price increases, and what steps you can take to stretch your food dollars in the months to come. Continue reading »

Oct 032013

How to Harvest, Cure and Store Onions - Root Cellaring, Braiding, Dehydrating and Freezing

You can enjoy home grown onions for months after the growing season has finished with just a little extra time and effort. In this post we’ll cover onion harvest, curing onions, and several different onion storage methods.

Which Onions are Best for Storage?

I usually grow onions from onion sets (the little mini onion bulbs).  Out of the red, white and yellow varieties I’ve tried, the yellow Stuttgarter Riesen has been the best keeper. Stuttgarter Riesen is a large, deep golden-yellow onion with firm white flesh.  The reds and whites I’ve tried have not kept as well, so I usually use them first.  My friend, Tami, said that the onions she started from seed were much more solid and less prone to rotting than the ones that she started from sets.  The Vegetable Gardener’s Bible recommends Stockton Reds for storage.  I’ve grown them, and they store fairly well, but the Stuttgarters store better.  He also recommends the varieties Copra and Prince. Continue reading »

Sep 232013

Fuel-less Portable Solar Generator by Humless and a One Month Supply Kit Giveaway

I’ve teamed up with sixteen other preparedness/self-reliance bloggers and SurvivalBased.com to offer you this awesome giveaway worth over $3700 as a way to say thank you for your support!  This month’s prizes are  a Fuel-less Portable Solar Generator by Humless (Approx. Retail Value $2599) and a One Month Supply Kit by Food Supply Depot (Food for 2 adults & 2 kids. Approx. Retail Value $1119).  With winter storm season on its way, wouldn’t it be great to have an easy to use generator on hand to power essential items, as well as an emergency food stash? Continue reading »

Aug 262013

Above Ground Root Cellars – Enjoy Your Local Produce Longer @ Common Sense Homsteading

Over the years I’ve received many inquires about what above ground root cellar type options might be available for people in cold and warm climates. For those in warm climates – sorry, the physics are not in your favor, unless you have a spring house, but this post will give you some ideas to keep homegrown food on the table year round.  For those in cold climates – there are a number of above ground options that may help you store  your harvest without processing for at least part of the non-growing season.  We’ll cover those, too.  First, let’s talk root cellar physics.  (Don’t worry, I’ve got a minor in physics to go with my math degree – I’ll get you through this.) Continue reading »