Gummy Zucchini Candy Recipe – Naturally Sweetened

Naturally Sweetened Zucchini Gummy Candy Recipe - Tastes like commercial gummy treats with no artificial flavors, colors or refined sugar.

Overwhelmed by zucchini or summer squash?  Make some zucchini gummy candy!  I saw a recipe online that made them with drink mix and sugar, and coated them with more drink mix – more sugar and artificial color and flavor than I prefer.  So I decided to experiment with a simpler version using fruit juice concentrate.  It worked out great!

Naturally Sweetened Zucchini Gummy Candy Recipe

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Getting Started With Dutch Oven Cooking

Dutch Oven Cooking - Cook anywhere and anyplace. Indoors, outdoors, in a stove, over a fire, in a hearth, on a wood stove, even in a sun oven. #castiron #castironcooking

If you can cook in a dutch oven you can cook anywhere and anyplace–literally and figuratively.  Yes, you can cook indoors and outdoors, in a stove, over a fire, in a hearth, on a wood stove, even in a sun oven, which is all pretty amazing. But there is something about that knowledge that spills into other parts of your culinary life.  Maybe, it’s the nostalgic images of our ancestors cooking over an open flame in a dutch oven that gives you confidence that the way has been paved, perhaps it’s simply the knowledge that if you can’t get it to work the way you want with one method you can find another, or maybe it’s just the attitude of if they’re hungry they’ll eat it as people have done for centuries because what is cooking in the dutch oven is what’s for dinner.

Getting Started with Dutch Oven Cooking

Dutch ovens can be made of ceramic, clay, or cast iron. I will be focusing on cast iron dutch ovens in this post as they are the most common and most versatile dutch ovens. [Read more...]

Chocolate Raspberry Granola Cookies

Chocolate Raspberry Granola Cookies - Quick and easy chocolate raspberry granola cookie recipe packed with healthy ingredients and a chocolate/raspberry kick.

Here’s a tasty cookie recipe that’s loaded with fiber and healthy fats, plus it uses no refined sugar.  Best of all, it’s delicious!  You just might be tempted to have these for breakfast instead of dessert, especially if you’re a granola lover.

I always hated tossing the leftover raspberry puree/pulp when I made raspberry jelly or a smooth raspberry sauce.  The Berry Health Benefit Network states that “The oil from raspberry seeds is rich in Vitamin E and Omega-3 fatty acids”.  Can’t let something like that end up in the compost!  I save and freeze my raspberry pulp in 1/2 cup packages for this recipe.  You could also substitute 1/2 cup crushed raspberries and add a bit more flour, or use freeze dried raspberries, or use raspberries that had been frozen, thawed and drained.  The original recipe I adapted suggested sesame seeds or flax seeds, but I really like the “extra something” that raspberries add to the flavor. [Read more...]

Easy Low Sugar Raspberry Jam-Jelly

The easy Low Sugar Raspberry Jam-Jelly is bursting with berry flavor and can be made with fresh or frozen raspberries.  One of our family favorites.

When spoons were passed around with samples of this low sugar raspberry jam-jelly from the bottom of the cooking pot, the collective response from the boys and husband was, “mmmmmmmmmm”.  The quarter jar that didn’t make it in the canner soon disappeared, and a second jar never made it into the canning pantry.  My youngest used to be a full sugar jam hound, but even he’s been won over to the fruit-loaded flavor of low sugar jams.

To get enough berries for this recipe, we hit a local youpick raspberry place.  We used to be able to pick enough from our patches, but right now they are very sparse as they recover from some sort of virus.  The patches were almost completely wiped out, but a few plants survived, so I’m hopeful we’ll be able to restore raspberry production.  You can also use frozen raspberries if you don’t have fresh available, so watch for sales.  :-)

I’m calling this a jam-jelly because I strain out some of the seeds but not all of them.  The pulp really adds flavor, so I don’t go the straight jelly route.  Raspberries do have a lot of seeds, and my husband is not a seed fan, so I compromise by running the cooked berries through my food strainer twice.  Putting them through just once leaves more pulp behind than I prefer, but if you have more than enough raspberries once is fine.  I save my pulp to make chocolate raspberry granola cookies.  Don’t ask me why, but my husband is fine with the seeds in cookie form, and the raspberry-chocolate flavor combination is pure yumminess. [Read more...]

Raspberry Cream Pie

Raspberry Cream Pie - Passed down from my mother, this smooth and rich raspberry cream pie is a delicious, not too sweet way to enjoy this wonderful summer fruit.   Includes a gluten free option. #pie

I love the taste of fresh picked raspberries, still warm from the sun.  When I was a little girl, momma always maintained two raspberry patches – one red and one golden – and we spent many hours picking and preserving the luscious little gems.  Our raspberry patches were one of the first things we planted when we moved to our current home – red, golden and black.  Unfortunately, our patches were hit a few years ago with some type of virus, which nearly wiped them out.  The few plants that have survived appear to be resistant, so we are starting over, and with a little luck will have thriving patches again in a couple of years.  Meanwhile, we are blessed to have several youpick raspberry patches nearby, and the boys and I visit them a couple of times during the season to enjoy berries for fresh eating, tasty treats and jelly.  This raspberry cream pie recipe was one of my momma’s favorites, which our family still enjoys.  I’ve included a gluten free adaptation, which is shown in the photos.

Raspberry Cream Pie Recipe

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